Maggie Bob Goes: To Malmö

So, following on from my brief summary of our trip to Copenhagen, I can’t not mention Malmö. The only thing I knew of Sweden’s 3rd city before our trip was its role as a Eurovision host. We had only planned to take advantage of the Sound Bridge to spend one day in Malmö, but with the trouble we had with our accommodation, we actually spent just over half of our break there. So what did we do & discover?


  1. Malmö is beautiful and very chilled. I think Sweden could quickly rival The Netherlands as my favourite place to visit for a laid back city break.IMG_0037
  2. Ribersborg is a beautiful beach. There’s the well known bathing house which we didn’t visit this time where you can skinny-dip in the open water and take some time in one of the saunas.IMG_0035
  3. Tim celebrated his 33rd birthday by paddling in the crystal clear sea, the cool water being a perfect relief on a day where the temperature hit 27oC. I’d have liked to paddle out deeper, but was a little apprehensive of the jellyfish we spotted. They didn’t seem to put off the locals who were swimming out or on body-boards.IMG_0748
  4. Malmö castle contains a multitude of museums, so there’s bound to be something that interests you. From it’s history as a prison, use as a refugee camp, or the more contemporary displays of fashion and (currently) papercutting, we passed plenty of time here. Entry is 40SEK (around £3.50).IMG_0745
  5. Your ticket (actually a sticker) for the castle also gets you entry to the Technology & Maritime museum across the road where you can crawl through the deck of a real submarine, if that’s your sort of thing.IMG_0008
  6. Midsummer is a huge deal in Sweden – in fact it’s a public holiday. We found this out when all the shops had notices up saying they would be shut on the Friday for midsummer’s eve. Also, everywhere was selling strawberries as apparently that’s a tradition.IMG_0039
  7. Our last minute budget-ish hotel was a great find, First Hotel Mortensen. It was comfy, central and honestly the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever had at a hotel. I know it’s a simple thing but most places can’t even get scrambled eggs right, never mind perfect soft boiled eggs, smoothie shots & high quality coffee too!IMG_0004
  8. When things get too hot and sticky, a church is always the best place to seek refuge! I don’t do well in the heat, so when it hit the high 20s I was quite happy to duck in to St. Petri, knowing it would be refreshingly cool. It also turned out to be gorgeous inside so, you know, win-win.IMG_0753
  9. We went to Folk & Rock which is a record shop with a wee café inside – my absolute dream! I enjoyed a rather tasty sandwich and cider surrounded by records, CDs and music magazines; then did a bit of browsing/shopping, all in the one place.IMG_0005
  10. Speaking of music, we didn’t hear an ABBA song once the whole time we were in Sweden. There was a street performer in Copenhagen blasting out Mamma Mia, but that was it our whole trip. How disappointing! We’ll have to counter this by planning a trip to Stockholm and the ABBA museum in the future.

I can honestly say I had a properly relaxing holiday, and I’m looking forward to visiting again and discovering more of Denmark and Sweden.

(As before, some pictures are mine, but gratitude to my husband for providing me with decent snaps from our holiday while I mostly took pictures of him and my food!)