Maggie Bob Reviews: 2017

Well, that was a year, wasn’t it? In all honestly, I could easily sit here and trash 2017 as terrible year and in a lot of ways – personally and in the world – the past 12 months haven’t given us much to smile about. However, I am eternally driven to look on the bright side of life and that is what I am doing here. I started the year with a list of goals, and I’ve not ticked many of them off, blaming my health and various things outside of my control. However instead I’ve achieved a whole bunch of things I’m really proud of that I didn’t even consider would be possible 12 months ago. So in the spirit of optimism and celebrating successes, here’s my 7 achievements of 2017.

  1. We bought a house! More on this in future posts I’m sure, but with some determination and help from family, we have managed to break out of the renting cycle and are happily settled in our new home now. We’ve already done quite a few DIY jobs to spruce the place up and really make it our own, and it’s just nice to know we can settle here and put down roots.
  2. I tried wall climbing, and didn’t freak out (too much). Given my fear of heights and my tendency to vertigo this was a really personal physical challenge and I’m ridiculously proud of myself. I’ve been to the indoor climbing arena a couple of times with friends from work now and actually made it to the top of a wall my first day. Further trips took a back seat thanks to the above mentioned house-buying and the onset of winter, but I’m hoping to pick this up again this year as I genuinely enjoyed myself and would like to improve. Plus – I learned how to tie myself in to my harness and that’s not a skill I want to waste.
  3. We’ve gone vegetarian. It’s something I’d wanted to move towards for a while, but it was much more achievable once Tim decided he wanted to make the switch too. So, one day in April we decided no more meat, and managed to keep that up. And yes, you can expect more vegetarian recipes and recommendations on this here blog in the future.
  4. I’ve been much better with my self-care – I’ve actually made a tangible dent in all my lovely bath time goodies with my regular(ish) bath nights. I’ve taken the opportunity to whack on a face mask while watching YouTube ‘just because’ and have even broken out my extensive nail polish collection and given myself the occasional home manicure. This is definitely one I want to keep up and even do more of in to the next year.
  5. I swam in a loch you guys! A long term dream has been to try open water swimming, and I got a shot during a team building day at Loch Lomond. We were actually paddle boarding and canoeing (also amazing new experiences) but after a few deliberate and accidental capsizings I decided to swim in to shore. The life jacket (safety first!) did impede my progress a bit, but this is definitely an experience I’d love to repeat. However, don’t know where I’m going to find a wet suit that fits me properly as the borrowed one I was in had to have the sleeves and legs rolled up, which contributed to me getting a bit too waterlogged!
  6. I had an amazing Halloween run of performing Rocky Horror stuff. One brilliant show with Denton Deviants in Dumfries and two shows providing live singing at BAAD. There’s already some exciting potential Rocky shows on the horizon and I’m hoping for plenty of opportunities to take to the stage in 2018.
  7. I. SAW. HAMILTON. Having booked the tickets in January 2017, and following many months of anticipation, a delay due to the theatre refurbishment running over, and a few changes in attendees, I took a road trip to London with some friends at the beginning of December and finally saw Hamilton actually live on stage in front of me. I did worry that having played the OBC recording to death that the show might lack a bit of impact but I was thankfully very wrong. I’m already planning for when I can go back – there’s so much to take in and I just want to be in the room where it happens once more.

There’s been some more things I’ve achieved and plenty I didn’t get around to, but reading all that back, it seems 2017 wasn’t such a dumpster fire of a year after all. And now the calendar has turned, I’m hoping I can keep going on to better and brighter – and more fun – things.

So, what’s your plans for 2018 folks?

Maggie Bob Makes: Rocky Horror Cross-Stitch

This is a wee project combining two of my great loves – cross-stitch and Rocky Horror. I started this as something to keep me busy at the last Yelp Edinburgh craft night, and I’ve recently finished it so wanted to show it off.


This was a really fun and simple design to make. I think I’ll mount it on to some (red?) felt with a blanket stitch and then work out what to do with it. It could be a large bookmark, or framed, or mounted on a cushion/shopping bag. Lots of possibilities for little cross-stitch projects.


In fact, I enjoyed this one so much I’ve drawn it up as my first ever pattern, and I’m offering it for free to all of you. It’s just a simple pdf, and I’m not constrictive about the colours you use. This doesn’t take too much thread or aida, so it’s ideal to make with scraps you have leftover from bigger projects. Just click the link below to access the pattern.

— Rocky Horror Lips Cross Stitch Pattern —

I used StitchPoint’s Cross-Stitch Writing Tool to help me set up the font. It’s a great tool and I use it often. As always, let me know if you give this a go, or just share your latest WIP in the comments below.


Friday High Five #5

It’s Friday, it’s 5 – it’s time for 5 things I’ve been lingering on this week!


  • Tomorrow is August, which means festival season is upon us here in Edinburgh (although everything officially kicks off on the 7th this year). I plan to spend this weekend planning out some of my Fringe itinerary. This will be my first one properly living here and I’m hoping to indulge quite a bit!

everything tshirt

  • My sister and I have become gym buddies, a large part of which involves sitting on our respective sofas and sending each other pictures of amusing gym wear. This top pretty much sums it up

frank funko

  • Rocky Horror Funko Pops – well these were an inevitability! I like how Frank is one of the few dolls in this range to get lips.


blind pig

  • Was out for a drink in The Flying Duck last weekend and saw these Blind Pig ciders¬†on the shelf. Curiosity piqued I sampled the Whisky, Honey and Apple flavour and was not disappointed! Well worth a shout if you see them at your local drinking spot.

Friday High Five #3

Kicking off this feature again with 5 things that have been getting me through this week:



  • Bobble bottle – I picked up one of these little beauties and it’s proving invaluable in keeping my hydrated during my new (walking) commute. Hurrah!


  • Hanging my washing outside. I don’t care if this makes me sound like a total laundry nerd: I’m still getting used to the novelty of having a garden again


  • Ambrosia Devon Dream – I am pouring this custard flavoured cream on anything I can think of, but as you can see from the picture above, my favourite is simple fresh berries.


  • Boden Matilda Dress – after drooling over this in the sale I was overjoyed to be given some Boden vouchers as a leaving gift by my old colleagues, and knew exactly what I would be treating myself to. The dress is gorgeous, but my only word of caution would be it sizes a bit small in the bust – I’ve had to size up to get it to fit.

Maggie Bob Shops: Makeup stash from Poundland

So okay – I’ve got a confession to make, I don’t wear makeup. Or at least I haven’t. Not out of an “oh I look amazing without makeup” vanity, but rather because I a) am lazy and b) learnt all my makeup techniques from this guy:



And not that I particularly mind looking like a drag queen, it’s a bit much for day-to-day wear.

And then somewhere between the influence of my beauty blogging friend Katie and the fact that getting my hair cut short made me want to wear bright lipstick all the time, I was suddenly converted. Okay, so I’ve still got a lot to learn because at times I still feel like a five-year-old who has broken in to mummy’s makeup, but I’m starting to get a feel for it.

So, I was very chuffed to discover some nice additions for my newly growing stash in one of my favourite shops – Poundland!



No prizes for guessing how much this pretty lot set me back then. I know some people are still apprehensive of makeup from pound shops etc but these look the proper business. I’m looking forward to swatching these up and working out what’ll suit me. You can tell I was excited because I bought the Rimmel pallets in every single colourway – but hey if any of them don’t work for me I know someone will take them off my hands. And those ck ‘tempting glimmer’ cream eyeshadows look well lush!

So, as a newbie – got any makeup tips for me?