Maggie Bob Shops: Mini Primark Haul

Yes I’ve been shopping! Little confession – this haul post should probably have gone up nearly a month ago when I actually bought this stuff, but I didn’t get around to it, and I’d lost my blogging mojo a bit if I’m honest. I’ve also been slightly preoccupied with something exciting that is happening next week and which I’m sure you’ll hear all about here very soon.

I’m calling this a mini-haul, not just because there’s only 4 things, but also they’re all wee – no clothing or larger pieces of homeware. Although last month (in different shopping trips) I did also buy from Primark the unicorn bedspread that everyone was talking about, a nice proper felt wool hat reduced to £1 and the Hogwarts bomber jacket I’ve been eyeing up since it came in and waiting for it to go on sale. I think that was £8 in the end.

Anyway, on the haul.


The unicorn trinket tray was £4. I take my rings off when I sleep so they get stored over the unicorn’s horn, obviously. And I’m trying to remember to keep my earrings on this tray too instead of haphazardly leaving them wherever I happen to be when I take them off (bad habit of mine!).

The rose gold earring set was, as you can see in the photo, only £2 for the three pairs of earrings. They had most initials still available when I went, so I had to nab a set of the ‘m’ ones of course. I’ve been wearing these quite a lot over the last month. Surprisingly I’ve found myself wearing the bigger circle ones more I just kind of like the way they look on I guess.

I’ve been wanting to try a deeper colour and this lip crayon was only £2 so perfect for experimenting. This is the Velvet Matte crayon in maroon and I must say the colour has had a lot of compliments. However this doesn’t have the staying power of my beloved MACs, so did need reapplying. Not bad for a day-to-day lipstick this time of year though.

Finally, I nabbed a hand cream because this manuka honey scent sounded delicious and again was only £1 for the tub. It can feel a wee bit sticky going on, but does (eventually) rub. It smells as good as I hoped it would too. I get through so much hand cream at work, constantly applying throughout the day as my hands feel so dry, so this will never go to waste.

So, have you bought anything nice recently? Do tell me in the comments below!

Maggie Bob Wears: Damson Kitten Blouse Three Ways

Last week, Lindybop tweeted a link to one of their new products, and I just knew immediately that I had to give it the 3-ways treatment. I love that feeling where just one item of clothing gives me lots of outfit ideas. And of course, any excuse to go shopping – virtually or otherwise. The product was this kitten print blouse:


Damson Kitten Print Shirt | Lindybop | £20
Well I think it’s “oh my gosh” cute, and I hope you do too. My head was instantly running with ideas of how to wear this. I’m told summer is nearly here (who can tell with sunshine, rainbows and hailstones all in the one day), and I think this blouse is perfectly suited to some summer looks…

Look 1: Playsuit Playfulness


Black Pinafore Playsuit | New Look | £14.99
Andy Warhol Floral Chucks | Converse | £50
Polka Dot Lacy Frilly Socks | Accessorize | £3.50£1.75
Black Baker Boy Hat | New Look | £9.99
Alice In Wonderland Bag | Primark | £9
Obviously the blouse is begging to be worn under a pinafore of some description, and I think this playsuit adds just the right element of fun. Some light-hearted accessories, and a great hat and you’re ready for some summer playfulness. See that Alice in Wonderland bag? I’ve already bought the backpack version and this smaller one goes perfectly with this look.

Look 2: Red-y For Summer

Cropped Jersey Trousers | Bon Prix | £14.99
Lola Ramona Shoes | Office | £110£60
Hobbs Katie Belt | House of Fraser | £29
Jeepers Peepers Cat Eye Sunglasses | ASOS | £18
Strong Lipstick | Lush | £14.50
Star & Paisley Bandana | ASOS | £5

I’ve got a habit of picking up a tiny detail and really playing it up. So, when I spotted that the kittens on the blouse are wearing wee red bows, I took that colour and ran with it for this look. Again, with one eye to the coming summer and just a smidge of good lipstick we’re ready to go with this one.

Look 3: Kitten That Got The Cream


Rare London Cream Spot Skirt | Zalando | £45
Strappy Metalic Sandals | Forever 21 | £20
Pearl Acrylic Laser Cut Cat Brooch | ShopMissElla via Etsy | £7.78
Cut Out Clutch | Little Mistress | £25
Cat Watch | Junk Jewels va notonthehighstreet | £18

You may not believe me, but I didn’t go for this colour just to get away with that pun-y awful title. This floaty cream skirt was just crying out to be paired up with the Lindybop blouse, and I couldn’t resist throwing in a couple of cat-themed accessories (I have form when it comes to animal themed outfits). Despite this, I still think this is quite understated and a cute/dreamy look for this summer.

So there you have it. I’m still trying to decide which of the three looks I like best, so please tell me your fave in the comments below!


Maggie Bob Wants: Jumpers for Autumn 2015

Yes! It is officially autumn – my favourite season. A good excuse for mug of something warming (hot chocolate? tea? pumpkin spice latte?) while snuggled under a sofa blanket, watching all the good telly that suddenly makes an appearance. Or how about walks in the crisp, fresh (and hopefully not too soggy) air – yes please!

And my favourite thing is my autumn wardrobe. My standard ‘uniform’ becomes a dress, thick (and usually colourful) tights and a cosy jumper. If you looked in my wardrobe right now I’m sure you’d reach the conclusion that I have enough jumpers to get me through to Christmas, but that doesn’t stop me wanting this lot:

Animal Cute


Louche Bluebird Jumper | Joy | £45
Polar Bear Sweater | Next | £28
Embroidered Penguin Jumper | Primark | £14
Marsha Intarsia Sausagedog Jumper | Joules | £69.95

Spots & Stripes


Shimmery Polka Dot Sweater | La Redoute | £19
Black Stripe Slub Jumper | New Look | £22.99
Double Stripe Jumper | Oasis | £35
Wilderness Spot Jumper | White Stuff | £59.95

Weird & Wonderful


Awesome Leopard Print Sweater | everything5pounds | £5
Pink Eyelash Knit Jumper | F&F at Tesco | £14
Noline Shadow Floral Jumper | Ted Baker (via John Lewis) | £99
Jumper With High Neck In Geo Pattern | ASOS | £35

What jumper are you going to be snuggling down in this autumn?


Maggie Bob Wears: Boots Three Ways

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been stuck at home for the past couple of weeks now – ever since I took a tumble on the dancefloor and badly sprained my foot. While I’m getting the hang of crutches, I’m also having to come to terms with the fact that it’ll be quite a while before I can wear heels again, so I’ve started to research some flat and supportive boots to help get me on my feet while I fully heal.


Tan Chunky Buckle High Leg Boots | New Look | £39.99

Knowing that New Look always have comfortable shoes that make my feet happy, these boots should do the trick and see me through autumn (my favourite season, ever!) and right in to winter. And seeing how I’m stuck at home right now resting my foot, I decided to do a bit of online fantasy shopping and design three outfits that I would definitely absolutely wear to go with these boots.

Look 1: 90’s grunge


I know the 90’s is a bit too ‘now’ for me, but I need this tartan skirt in my life and wardrobe anyway. The Lulu Guinness bag folds away in to the lips (of course it does!), and Debbie Harry is essential in any circumstances. This outfit just felt like it needed those big hoopy earrings to finish it off too.

Tartan Skit | Topshop | £32
Debbie Harry T | George at ASDA | £10
Lulu Guinness Tote | Selfridges | £35
Oversized Hoop Earrings | Claires | £5.50

Look 2: Autumnal


This is my most expensive outfit, but it’s got a whole picturesque scene to go with it. Can’t you just see me wearing this while running walking carefully through Alexandra Palace, kicking up piles of autumn leaves? And then stopping somewhere for a hot chocolate to warm my hands on. You can’t see it in this picture, but the parka has leopard ears on the hood, which makes it just cutesy enough to go with a dress.

Ghoul Lace Dress | Topshop | £65
A Wear Leopard Ear Parka | ASOS | £80
Fallen Leaves Necklace | Tatty Devine | £30

Look 3: Snuggly Wooly


It wouldn’t be autumn without some oversized knitwear. I’m not sure if I can pull off the skinny-jeans-tucked-in-to-boots looks, but I want to try. And I’ll tell you a secret – Primark jeans are a damned good fit for me and my *ahem* generous rear spoiler.

Soft Skinny Jeans | Primark (online via ASOS) | £11
Cream & Pink Hearts Jumper | New Look | £29.99
Cobweb Beanie Hat | Topshop | £12
Cobweb Snood | Topshop | £16

Do let me know which outfit you like best, or what you’d wear with the boots.