Maggie Bob Wants: Bullet Journal Essentials

It finally happened! I have fallen head, heart and soul for journaling. I bet there’s not a single one among you that is surprised. Journaling is just such a ‘Maggie Bob’ thing. Not only does it combine my two great loves of stationery and being organised, I genuinely feel like I’ve been more productive since I first stuck some washi tape and a to-do list in my notebook and called it a journal.


The concept of a bullet journal is simple – you define the purpose of each page as you get to it, keeping an index at the front to keep track of where everything is. So you can start your month with a monthly log, take a page for each day or week as you need for your to-do lists and reminders, break away mid-month to plan out your blogging goals, fitness & health goals, or just to doodle and write your magnum opus shit poetry. It’s more flexible than a calendar based journal, so it definitely suits my organised chaos aesthetic.

Not that I ever need an excuse to go stationery shopping, virtually or in real life, but of course taking up journaling has been a perfectly valid reason to expand my stash. Here’s what I’m currently lusting after and would recommend for someone getting started in bullet journaling.


Leuchtturm 1917 in Emerald | Rymans | £13.95

There’s a reason the Leuchtturm notebooks are a favourite with journalers, the layout with built in index and the leak-proof pages make these the perfect fit. I’ve picked up this one ready to use as my next day-book journal and I couldn’t be more excited to crack it open, to be honest!


Colourful Books Washi Tape | Lovely Tape | £2.90

Is a journal really a journal if it’s not decorated with stickers and washi tape? Well, probably, but it’s not any kind of journal I want to have a part in. I’m thinking of popping a section in my journal to log all the books I’ve read and this tape would be just perfect for embellishing that section, don’t you think?


Journaling Rubber Stamp Sheet | TraciBunkers on etsy | £21.14

I very quickly knew I didn’t want to use my unappealing handwriting to make up the days and months throughout my journal, and turned to the variety of rubber stamps I have. This set from TraciBunkers seems to have all bases covered, plus some extras.


Pilot V-Pen | Cult Pens | £3.64

I never thought I would be writing in fountain pen again, but I’m loving using Pilot’s V-Pen. This classic pen is available loaded with one of 8 colour choices of ink – which explains why people have recently been getting notes from me in purple or pink rather than my classic black biro.


Beauty & The Beast Planner Stickers | PlannableDesigns via esty | £2

There’s a whole industry sprung up around making stickers for journals, so whatever you are in to there will be stickers for that. I happen to love Beauty & The Beast (a brunette princess with her nose in a book? That’s totes me) and these stickers are the cutest. They are designed specifically to fit standard journals like Filofax, Erin Condren etc, but I’ll make them fit mine because I just have to have them.

So there you have it. I’ve got another blog post done that I can tick off in my journal (done!), and hopefully I’ve inspired you to either start journaling, or at least go and buy some more pretty stationery. Because we could all use that.


Maggie Bob Wants: To Plan Ahead

This is one in a series of blog posts celebrating National Stationery Week. You can read all of my NSW16 posts. There’s also a fabulous giveaway of some stationary goodies running through the whole week – you’ll find the rafflecopter at the bottom of each post.


I’ve talked before about apps that I use to keep organised, and how I’m hoping one day to find the notebook that fixes my life for me, and I’ve even fawned over things organised neatly, so although I’m naturally untidy, you can see I want to be neat and organised really.

My currently method of keeping on top of things, at least at work, includes having a day book. Just a normal notebook (okay, this is me, it’s a super cute notebook of course) where I jot down anything relevant for that day (telephone messages, to-do items, things I’m asked in passing). Every day I start a new page, put that day’s date at the top, and carry over anything needed from the day before. It seems to be working, and I’m thinking of having a travelling day book for all my non-work stuff too that just goes wherever I go and keeps my jumbled thoughts out of my brain and on to a page where I can handle them coherently. So maybe one of these would do the trick…?

Paradise Blue Undated Planner Compact | Passion Planner | $29.99

Ever since I read about these Passion Planners on Maxine’s Little Miss Delicious blog, I have had a serious case of the wants. I don’t know if I’m dedicated enough to plan my day out as detailed as Maxine does, but it would be so good to have an at-a-glance view of what I had on each week, and setting aside time each Sunday to fill in next week’s planner seems like such a good idea.

Monthly Desktop Planner | busyb | £8.99

We had a busyb couples calendar last year and it was great – it even had stickers for marking up birthdays, dentist appointments, trips etc. This looks to be a great desktop version of that, with the added bonus of being able to fill in the dates yourself, so you can start at any point in any year. The pocket is dead useful for keeping things relevant to that month, such as booked tickets, prescription slips or even cards and stamps ready to go for any upcoming birthdays.

Caroline Gardner Pina Colada Notebook Organiser | The Pen Shop | £12.50

From the ‘keep it simple, stupid’ school this is just a plain, albiet super pretty, notebook, so I would be working on the same one page per day principle as with my work day book. This does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve though – there’s a wee pocket in the back ideal for keeping loose notes temporarily organised, and the notebook comes with 9 stick-on dividers so I could mark up the months at least for easier navigation

That lot should keep me organised, right? Anyway, if you were here yesterday you’ll know I am running a special giveaway for National Stationery Week!


I took a trip to some of my favourite stationery shops, and had a root around in my own stash too to come up with a list of goodies just for one lucky winner. The prize, pictured above, includes: a metallic pocket notebook, an owl writing set, a Julie Dodsworth little book of Birthdays & Anniversaries, 2 rolls of nature themed washi tape, a selection of flocked patterned paper, a pack of owl stickers, and a custom mini stamp set. Phew! Plus, if this competition gets over 100 entries I’ll add some more goodies, including a nice pen.
To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter below, and be sure to come back every day this week for more chances to win.

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Today in the comments – what stationery do you use to keep yourself organised?


Maggie Bob Wants: To Get Organised

This is one in a series of blog posts celebrating National Stationery Week. You can read all of my NSW14 posts, and don’t forget to check out the Prize Giveaway!

Today’s theme is ‘get organised’!

I am not a naturally organised person, but deep down I really want to be. Here’s some things that I just know will help me with all my stationery organisation needs…

pantone tins

Pantone storage tins | a place for everything | £15

I can have different colours for different things I need to store – although I know in reality I’ll end up throwing stuff in to any tin I can.



MOPPE Mini wooden chest of drawers | Ikea | £15

I love storage from Ikea. And because these are plain wood, I can personalise them with paint or transfers and other fun stuff from my stash.

beau chic box file

Beau Chic expanding box file | Wilkos | £4

So pretty, and it might finally inspire me to organise my teetering piles of paperwork…

custom desk tidy

Customised wooden desk tidy | Letterfest via NOTHS | £28

I currently have a lot of my pens stored in a plastic tub that used to hold mini cake treats from M&S. This customised wooden desk tidy would be something I’d be proud to have on my desk.

futile jotter

Happy Jackson Fridge Jotter | John Lewis | £6.95

I think this speaks for itself, to be honest. This is how I feel about most attempts to organise myself!


Maggie Bob Loves: Notebooks

This is part of a series of posts for National Stationery Week. You can read more of my stationery posts here, and don’t forget to enter my huge stationery prize draw.

Today’s theme is notebooks!


I’m going to come out and say it – I love notebooks. There are over 20 of mine in that picture, and that’s not even all of them, just the ones I could gather together this morning to pose for a photo.

A few highlights from my ‘collection’


This shiny blue mini handbag sized notebook says ‘to remember’ on the front – it came as a trio with ‘to do’ (shiny purple) and ‘to buy’ (shiny pink) – I love the idea that my note needs are some compartmentalised as to require three separate notebooks to record them.



This beauty was a ‘just because’ gift from a friend, quite a few years ago now. In fact, notebooks are a common theme in the gifts I receive from friends – it’s like they know me or something! Not only is the book itself gorgeous (manners are sexy!)  but my fabulous friend also hid some messages for me throughout the book, so the smiles kept on coming.


This isn’t the most glamorous of notebooks, I’ll give you that. But it’s so very organised, with a couple of subject dividers so I know (roughly) which part of the book to go to for which notes. It also has a few plastic pockets and wallets inside, perfect for wayward receipts, vouchers, slips of paper with people’s addresses on and etc. And the pages are all perforated, so if I needed to destroy the evidence pass one of my notes on, I could. This was a constant companion in my handbag for quite a while.

I’ve tried to figure out why I love notebooks. They are useful, practical and can be oh so pretty. There’s a particular rush of a feeling I get when I acquire a new notebook, a frisson of this is the one, this will be the notebook that changes my life, makes me a more efficient and organised person and helps me keep everything in order.

*sigh* Maybe one day I will find that magical notebook. In the meantime, I’ll just keep buying any that happen to catch my eye.