Maggie Bob Shops: Mini Primark Haul

Yes I’ve been shopping! Little confession – this haul post should probably have gone up nearly a month ago when I actually bought this stuff, but I didn’t get around to it, and I’d lost my blogging mojo a bit if I’m honest. I’ve also been slightly preoccupied with something exciting that is happening next week and which I’m sure you’ll hear all about here very soon.

I’m calling this a mini-haul, not just because there’s only 4 things, but also they’re all wee – no clothing or larger pieces of homeware. Although last month (in different shopping trips) I did also buy from Primark the unicorn bedspread that everyone was talking about, a nice proper felt wool hat reduced to £1 and the Hogwarts bomber jacket I’ve been eyeing up since it came in and waiting for it to go on sale. I think that was £8 in the end.

Anyway, on the haul.


The unicorn trinket tray was £4. I take my rings off when I sleep so they get stored over the unicorn’s horn, obviously. And I’m trying to remember to keep my earrings on this tray too instead of haphazardly leaving them wherever I happen to be when I take them off (bad habit of mine!).

The rose gold earring set was, as you can see in the photo, only £2 for the three pairs of earrings. They had most initials still available when I went, so I had to nab a set of the ‘m’ ones of course. I’ve been wearing these quite a lot over the last month. Surprisingly I’ve found myself wearing the bigger circle ones more I just kind of like the way they look on I guess.

I’ve been wanting to try a deeper colour and this lip crayon was only £2 so perfect for experimenting. This is the Velvet Matte crayon in maroon and I must say the colour has had a lot of compliments. However this doesn’t have the staying power of my beloved MACs, so did need reapplying. Not bad for a day-to-day lipstick this time of year though.

Finally, I nabbed a hand cream because this manuka honey scent sounded delicious and again was only £1 for the tub. It can feel a wee bit sticky going on, but does (eventually) rub. It smells as good as I hoped it would too. I get through so much hand cream at work, constantly applying throughout the day as my hands feel so dry, so this will never go to waste.

So, have you bought anything nice recently? Do tell me in the comments below!

Maggie Bob Wears: Body Shop British Rose Plumping Mask

I’m really getting in to taking part in blog chats lately. Although the subjects don’t always feel relevant to me, it’s easy to just skip (or observe and learn!) those ones, and take part in the ones where I feel I can contribute. We Are Thirty Plus run some stonking chats, and it’s been so good to meet and chat with other bloggers on a range of subjects from exercise, to social media, to wearable tech. Recently, they joined forces with The Body Shop to celebrate the high street store’s 40th anniversary, and it got me reminiscing!

One of the things I remember fondly about The Body Shop is their bath pearls – remember them? You could go in with your meagre pocket money and come out with a oil filled bath pearl in every colour and still have enough left over for a copy of Bunty and some penny mix. Yeah, that’s pretty much my childhood extravagance summed up there – gosh how times have changed, wish I was still so easily (and cheaply) pleased!


It was really fun to discuss with other bloggers our memories of The Body Shop, including their products past and present (their body butters are still a firm favourite it would seem), and remembering some of their stonking campaigns. I love how The Body Shop is so dedicated to animal welfare, as well as improving life for humans too.

After the chat The Body Shop got in touch to offer me some products to try, including one of their new Superfood Face Masks. There are 5 masks, each designed to target different skin types: Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask for maturing skin; Chinese Ginseng Rice Clarifying & Polishing Mask for dull skin; Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask for blemish prone skin; Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask for fatigued skin; and British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask for dry skin. Apparently these are also ideal for multi-masking, which I’m guessing is exactly what it sounds like and means you apply different masks to different parts of your face, depending on what the skin there needs.


I tried the British Rose Fresh Plumping mask, and I’m very impressed with it. The consistency is a bit like a good jam, but it spread on my face quite easily using just my fingers. I left it on my face for… ummm… at least 90 minutes but to be honest I lost track. It’s translucent on the skin and dries in to a slightly sticky finish. When I remembered I just washed it off with warm water. My skin is fairly well behaved, but it did feel extra good after the mask. The toning element this mask promises is good for me too, as I am prone to redness.


See how pretty fresh my face looks? The masks are all available in-store and from from this month, and are £15 each. There’s plenty of applications in each jar, so this is a lovely little treat. Do you have any fond memories of the Body Shop? The comments below are open…


Maggie Bob Wears: MAC Retro Matte

What I know about makeup could fill a postage stamp, but one of my dearest friends bought me a MAC lipstick a few years ago and got me hooked. Now I have a little tradition where I buy myself a new lipstick whenever I’m going through Duty Free. This isn’t significantly cheaper, but it gives me an excuse; or to look at it another way it limits my habit. As I don’t fly very often I only have 3 lipsticks in current use and I’m going to show you my most recent acquisition which I got in Copenhagen airport during my trip last month.


Now as I’ve already mentioned I’m not a makeup person by nature. When I apply lipstick I don’t prime my lips first. I don’t use a lipliner, or apply with a brush. I simply apply the colour directly on to my lips, and if I’m not in a rush I may even blot. With this lipstick I find that’s enough. I’ve read some reviewers complain that the matte is too dry or drying, but honestly I’ve not found this to be a problem. I find MAC’s mattes to be quite slick without having the stickiness of a gloss. It doesn’t feel overly dry on my lips, and the colour is nice and strong. Best of all it lasts! I’ve included pictures of it freshly applied and after a full work day so you can see.


This shade is called Ruby Woo. I really wanted a good proper red (my last one was ‘Relentlessly Red‘ which somehow looks more pink on), and had this one in my hands for all of 2 seconds before Tim said “Oh yes, that one!”. I’d only just started looking so I don’t think he was just bored and trying to hurry me along. Somehow he just has a good eye for colour because as soon as I applied this I knew it was the red of my dreams. I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I bought it because, as we all know, a good red goes with everything*.


I’m going to be taking a flight again next month, so I’m contemplating colours. Do I go for something daring like a plum, or perhaps it’s time I had a good nude in my repertoire? If my makeup savvy friends and readers could leave me some suggestions, that would be great.


*applies to wine as well as lipstick

Maggie Bob Wears: Colouring With Crayons

I’ve been wearing make-up a bit more recently – mostly because there is something about having short hair which makes me want to have bold coloured lips. But I am inherently lazy, and I can’t be dealing with lip-liner, blotting, reapplying and etc. Then I heard all the fuss about chubby sticks and was instantly intrigued.

Somewhere between a lipstick, lipgloss and your favourite crayon, Clinique’s chubby stick is now much imitated so after trying pretty much every product available (shading my hand a variety of reds and pinks in the process!) I found the one for me – Rimmel’s Colour Rush Balm, in Redder The Better.


I also picked up a jumbo eye pencil, based on the same principle of easy application and being simple to wear. The green in the eye pencil has a slight glitter, which made me want it even harder! Here they are swatched up on my hand.



See how vibrant that Rimmel balm is? And it doesn’t wear like a typical balm – it’s not sticky, you don’t end up with most of your hair adhered to your face, and the colour actually stays. Just check out these before and after pictures (i.e. before I do anything and after a full day at work: eating, drinking, talking etc).

lips before   lips after


The best thing is, this stuff is so easy to put on, the colour stays (even if the gloss doesn’t quite) and it’s like getting to colour yourself in with crayons. I’m sold!

Maggie Bob Shops: Makeup stash from Poundland

So okay – I’ve got a confession to make, I don’t wear makeup. Or at least I haven’t. Not out of an “oh I look amazing without makeup” vanity, but rather because I a) am lazy and b) learnt all my makeup techniques from this guy:



And not that I particularly mind looking like a drag queen, it’s a bit much for day-to-day wear.

And then somewhere between the influence of my beauty blogging friend Katie and the fact that getting my hair cut short made me want to wear bright lipstick all the time, I was suddenly converted. Okay, so I’ve still got a lot to learn because at times I still feel like a five-year-old who has broken in to mummy’s makeup, but I’m starting to get a feel for it.

So, I was very chuffed to discover some nice additions for my newly growing stash in one of my favourite shops – Poundland!



No prizes for guessing how much this pretty lot set me back then. I know some people are still apprehensive of makeup from pound shops etc but these look the proper business. I’m looking forward to swatching these up and working out what’ll suit me. You can tell I was excited because I bought the Rimmel pallets in every single colourway – but hey if any of them don’t work for me I know someone will take them off my hands. And those ck ‘tempting glimmer’ cream eyeshadows look well lush!

So, as a newbie – got any makeup tips for me?