Friday High Five #14

This has been a mixed bag of a week for me. In fact, even the individual days varied wildly – for example walking in to work on Wednesday I got caught in the thunderstorms and was soaked through (even my undies were wringing wet!) and had to get a kind colleague to drive me home so I could change. Yet walking home again that afternoon, completely unprepared for the change in weather, I caught the sun a little bit on my neck!

Anyway, no better way, as always, to see out the week than with my five favourite things right now.


  • I’m off to see Beyond Broadway Productions do Bring It On The Musical tomorrow evening and I’m super jazzed. My sister and I share a love for the movie this is loosely based on and I wanted to see the musical when it first came out – before had even heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Now knowing he is (jointly) behind the music, I just know this is going to be such a fun night out. Cheerleader costumes at the ready!


  • My love of Rocky Horror has left me with a lifelong urge to buy anything with a lips print on it. This top is cute though, and looks nice and light for summer (where long sleeves will help keep the sun off my delicate skin). Plus, it’s currently only £2 (!) from TennerStore.


  • Yes – I have taken to Pokémon Go like a MagiKarp to water. Or to floundering on my desk like the one above! I think it’s a great app for encouraging people to get outside, and now that the initial server issues seem to be settling it’s been great fun altering my walk home to take my via as many Pokestops as possible.


  • Because apparently what I now like to do with my evenings is watch TV shows about maths I settled down to Wednesday evening to catch The Joy Of Data on BBC4. It was a brilliant look at how data is the ‘bridge’ between the ordered mathematical world and the chaotic real world. I’m pleased to note there’s been some other shows in this series, including The Joy of Logic and The Joy of Stats, which I’m going to have to catch-up with this weekend.


  • We’ve had something resembling a summer here in Scotland this week (sudden thunderstorms aside) and I’ve more or less chomped my way through a whole watermelon. So refreshing, and having it sliced up and ready to eat from the fridge was a genius idea. We also stuck some in the freezer, so I’m thinking it’ll form part of some sort of blended frozen (alcoholic?) drink this weekend!

Happy Friday folks – enjoy your weekends.