Maggie Bob Shops: Mini Primark Haul

Yes I’ve been shopping! Little confession – this haul post should probably have gone up nearly a month ago when I actually bought this stuff, but I didn’t get around to it, and I’d lost my blogging mojo a bit if I’m honest. I’ve also been slightly preoccupied with something exciting that is happening next week and which I’m sure you’ll hear all about here very soon.

I’m calling this a mini-haul, not just because there’s only 4 things, but also they’re all wee – no clothing or larger pieces of homeware. Although last month (in different shopping trips) I did also buy from Primark the unicorn bedspread that everyone was talking about, a nice proper felt wool hat reduced to £1 and the Hogwarts bomber jacket I’ve been eyeing up since it came in and waiting for it to go on sale. I think that was £8 in the end.

Anyway, on the haul.


The unicorn trinket tray was £4. I take my rings off when I sleep so they get stored over the unicorn’s horn, obviously. And I’m trying to remember to keep my earrings on this tray too instead of haphazardly leaving them wherever I happen to be when I take them off (bad habit of mine!).

The rose gold earring set was, as you can see in the photo, only £2 for the three pairs of earrings. They had most initials still available when I went, so I had to nab a set of the ‘m’ ones of course. I’ve been wearing these quite a lot over the last month. Surprisingly I’ve found myself wearing the bigger circle ones more I just kind of like the way they look on I guess.

I’ve been wanting to try a deeper colour and this lip crayon was only £2 so perfect for experimenting. This is the Velvet Matte crayon in maroon and I must say the colour has had a lot of compliments. However this doesn’t have the staying power of my beloved MACs, so did need reapplying. Not bad for a day-to-day lipstick this time of year though.

Finally, I nabbed a hand cream because this manuka honey scent sounded delicious and again was only £1 for the tub. It can feel a wee bit sticky going on, but does (eventually) rub. It smells as good as I hoped it would too. I get through so much hand cream at work, constantly applying throughout the day as my hands feel so dry, so this will never go to waste.

So, have you bought anything nice recently? Do tell me in the comments below!

Maggie Bob Loves: My Eyebrow Piercing

As you’ll have noticed if you follow my vain wee face on social media (clicky-click in the sidebar if you don’t, because you definitely should), I got my eyebrow pierced. It was a completely spur of the moment thing… after about 16 years of dithering that is.

See, when I was 14 my Mum, in a renaissance of youthful rebellion got her first tattoo and a belly-button piercing. She offered to take me to get a new piercing (I’d had my ears done at 10) and I wasn’t going to turn that down! I decided I was too chubby for a belly-button piercing which is laughable when I look back at pictures of my teenage self now. It was around then I developed a fascination with eyebrow piercings and eyebrows in general. If someone’s brow game was strong I would probably compliment them on it, which was sometimes a bit weird coming out of nowhere. I really wanted an eyebrow piercing but knew that would result in an immediate order from my school to remove the offending metal.

Spur of the moment eyebrow piercing… after about 15 years of wanting it! #piercing #eyebrowpiercing #selfie

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So I decided to get my nose done as my treat from Mum, as I could get away with a teeny tiny very subtle stud in there, and remove it easily enough for PE lessons. I decided that I would then get my eyebrow pierced when I left school. Thing is, as someone with recurring sinus infections, a nasal piercing was a terrible decision. I think I lasted the summer holidays before giving up on the constant gunk and clogging before I removed the stud for good. This, combined with a variety of allergies to jewellery (I couldn’t even wear watches or simple gold studs in my ears at some points) put my off getting the much longed for eyebrow piercing, and the idea faded from my mind. Except it didn’t really.

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Every so often I’d think about getting my eyebrow pierced, but the moment wasn’t right, for any number of reasons: I’d just started a new job and didn’t want to rock the boat; I was swimming regularly and the chlorine on a new piercing seemed a bad idea; I’d recently had a bad reaction to some earrings and was off the idea of jewellery; what if it made me look too ‘tough’, and so on. Then last month the stars aligned – it was pay day weekend and I wanted to treat myself, my allergies are under control, I was in good health and I was in town. I must have spent a good hour walking around town and furiously Yelping trying to find a reputable piercer, which was harder than I thought it would be. There are plenty of good tattoo studios, but most of them don’t have a piercer in residence. Luckily I was pointed towards Studio XIII on Jeffrey Street.

Even while I was sitting filling out the consent forms and picking out my bar size, I couldn’t quite believe I was going through with this. But it was something I wanted to do, just for me. With a spoonie husband and a whole bunch of other commitments I feel like I spend a lot of my time doing what I need to or should do, but this was something just for me, nothing to do with anyone else (well, except the woman sticking a needle through my face I guess). One deep breath and a few seconds of pressure lately, and I finally had the piercing I had wanted since I was 14. I couldn’t be happier. I’m healing up nicely and the swelling went down super quick. I can’t wait until I can swap the starter bar out for something more dainty, but I’m so taken with how it looks. I can’t stop examining it in mirrors and taking selfies to look at it. And talking to people about it – sorry folks!

So – do any of you have piercing or tattoos that are extra special to you? Or something like that which you’ve done just for you? Please do share your stories in the comments.


Maggie Bob Wants: Halloween Goodies

October means Halloween – and like many of my friends, this feels like my big holiday of the year. It’s kind of a nice way to usher in the darker days, celebrate seasonal delights, and most importantly of all – dress up and have spooky fun!

I like that Halloween has become such an event, and apart from the bloody/slutty ‘costume in a bag’ offerings, there is a growing market for seasonal goodies – kind of Halloween themed, but worth enjoying all month really. Here’s my picks this year!


Peanuts Snoopy Halloween T | Asda | £8

Snoopy gets spooky but is still the cutest of all the Peanuts gang.


The Pumpkin King Candle | Old Glow Candles (via etsy) | £8.99

Old Glow do a range of movie inspired scented candles, and what better for Halloween than one inspired by Jack Skellington himself?


Blood Choker | Clintons | £2

Looking for an accessory that says “horror movie slasher victim”? This should have you covered. I’m told similar is on sale at Wilkos and Top Shop, but I couldn’t find them online.

dancing-skeleton-tights-squareDancing Skeleton Tights | ASOS | £8

What’s better than loads of happy dancing skeletons on your legs? Ones that glow in the dark of course!

halloween-cookie-pressHalloween Cookie Press | Lakeland | £4.98

I never let an opportunity for themed baking or novelty cookie cutters pass me by. These ones also emboss the dough as the cut, which makes for some brilliant biscuits (that are admittedly more cute than spooky).

dod-skull-buntingSkull Banner | Wilkos | £2.50

I’ll be honest – I usually make my own bunting because, heaven knows, I’ve got enough paperstock lying around begging to be used up. However, even I want to go premade with this intricate Dia de Muertos sugar skull bunting.

What about you guys? Have you found any ‘must haves’ for Halloween this year?