Friday High Five #13

This is at least the third time this week I’ve been certain it is Friday, but only the first time I’ve been right. It’s obviously been a long week – I don’t know if all of you have felt the same? So here are five things just to round out the week and see us in to the weekend together. Grab a G&T and let’s show this week who is boss!


  • I have a lot of hats, but none of them are yellow. Well this one from ASOS is only £18 and will fill the colourful gap in my headwear wardrobe just nicely, thank you


  • My review of The Auld Hoose in Edinburgh was highlighted as Review of The Day on Yelp today and it’s made me hungry for a giant plate of nachos again. I know I’ll never be able to finish them, and then will come the regret, but still… nachos.

  • Lin-Manuel’s last Ham4Ham (4 now) – the end of an era, but what a sweet send off. And yes – my Hamilton obsession is not abating. Not even slightly.


  • Louche dresses always make me feel great. The cut of this Duchess dress, and that geometric Bauhaus pattern just make my heart sing, and the reduction to £41 doesn’t dampen my tune.


  • Homemade iced tea – I still can’t get enough of our refreshing homemade iced tea. Tempted to try it with other fruit flavours now, though the peach is such a classic. Don’t forget to check out my recipe.

Maggie Bob Visits: Edinburgh Foodies Festival

The Foodies Festival came to Edinburgh at the beginning of August for its 10th birthday. I made it along to the event at the beautiful Inverleith Park on the Sunday, and the sunshine just about managed to join me. I know it’s been over a month (where did August disappear to exactly?), but I thought I would share some of my pictures and some of my thoughts:


I almost felt like this should have been called the Boozies festival, rather than Foodies because the first 10 stalls I encountered were all offering alcoholic wares – I saw cider, gin, beer, cider, whisky, gin, cider and more cider. Of course, I had to try as many of the free samples going as possible, just in the interest of balance!


There was a good selection of stalls – I could easily have filled my kitchen with chutneys, oils, jams, oat cakes, cheeses, charcuterie and other delicious goodies, but I managed to keep myself fairly restrained, although (yet another) jar of chilli jam, and a delicious lime curd may have ‘accidentally’ end up in my bag.


I also love the product demonstrations – I could watch people show off fancy knives and mops and such for ages. I did end up buying a spiraliser – one that snaps on to a peeler/julienne double sided slicer – £20 for the whole bundle and something I’ve been wanting for ages.


Somehow I hadn’t quite filled up on free samples, so I decided to buy myself something hot for lunch – and when I saw a stall selling pokes of calamari I just couldn’t resist. Freshly cooked and worth the wait!


While enjoying my lunch I took in the live entertainment which was this act called House of Blakewell, previewing their Fringe show; We Can Make You Happy, and . This had me and a few others dotted around laughing and clapping along – shame it didn’t have a very big crowd to draw from (attendance picked up later in the afternoon it seems).


All in all, I really enjoyed my day mooching around and indulging in all the sights, sounds and smells of food. It was nice to see some local products represented (such as Edinburgh Gin and their swanky vintage car above), although it would have been nice for more to be made of this – hard I guess with a national based event that is rolled out to various locations. I would go again, but next time I’d like to book myself in to some of the live events in the chef’s theatre, and maybe take on some hands-on activities and learn a new skill.


Friday High Five #5

It’s Friday, it’s 5 – it’s time for 5 things I’ve been lingering on this week!


  • Tomorrow is August, which means festival season is upon us here in Edinburgh (although everything officially kicks off on the 7th this year). I plan to spend this weekend planning out some of my Fringe itinerary. This will be my first one properly living here and I’m hoping to indulge quite a bit!

everything tshirt

  • My sister and I have become gym buddies, a large part of which involves sitting on our respective sofas and sending each other pictures of amusing gym wear. This top pretty much sums it up

frank funko

  • Rocky Horror Funko Pops – well these were an inevitability! I like how Frank is one of the few dolls in this range to get lips.


blind pig

  • Was out for a drink in The Flying Duck last weekend and saw these Blind Pig ciders on the shelf. Curiosity piqued I sampled the Whisky, Honey and Apple flavour and was not disappointed! Well worth a shout if you see them at your local drinking spot.