Friday High Five #13

This is at least the third time this week I’ve been certain it is Friday, but only the first time I’ve been right. It’s obviously been a long week – I don’t know if all of you have felt the same? So here are five things just to round out the week and see us in to the weekend together. Grab a G&T and let’s show this week who is boss!


  • I have a lot of hats, but none of them are yellow. Well this one from ASOS is only £18 and will fill the colourful gap in my headwear wardrobe just nicely, thank you


  • My review of The Auld Hoose in Edinburgh was highlighted as Review of The Day on Yelp today and it’s made me hungry for a giant plate of nachos again. I know I’ll never be able to finish them, and then will come the regret, but still… nachos.

  • Lin-Manuel’s last Ham4Ham (4 now) – the end of an era, but what a sweet send off. And yes – my Hamilton obsession is not abating. Not even slightly.


  • Louche dresses always make me feel great. The cut of this Duchess dress, and that geometric Bauhaus pattern just make my heart sing, and the reduction to £41 doesn’t dampen my tune.


  • Homemade iced tea – I still can’t get enough of our refreshing homemade iced tea. Tempted to try it with other fruit flavours now, though the peach is such a classic. Don’t forget to check out my recipe.

Friday High Five #10

It’s 5pm on a Friday at the end of an unexpectedly sunny week here in Edinburgh. I’m dreaming of a hot fish supper, a cold beer, and these 5 lovelies to see me through to the weekend:


  • New shoes! I love Vans – find them very comfortable for walking about in, and I wanted a new pair for my upcoming holiday. With enough time to break them in of course. I saw these Digi Aloha Era ones and instantly went all heart-eye-emoji faced.


  • Planning! I watched a load of planning videos on YouTube during National Stationery Week and the inevitable happened. But I’m being sensible, for now. Rather than rush out and buy an expensive new planner only to never use it (not that any of us stationery addicts would do anything like that, right?), I’m dipping my toes in the water by converting one of my many (many, many, many) notebooks in to a weekly planner. And I already feel more on top of my life.



  • I’ve been hearing this song from Last Shadow Puppets a lot on BBC6 Music and now there’s a video I love it even more.

Happy weekend folks!



Friday High Five #8

It’s been a hard week – financial year end in Scotland + Rocky Horror in Glasgow + poorly husband makes for a busy Maggie. Here’s 5 happy things to ease us in to this (much needed) weekend together.

  • The tribute paid to David Bowie at the BRITs this week was spot on. Annie Lennox describes perfectly the devastation I know I still feel, Gary Oldman has a couple of the best stories about Bowie to make you chuckle, and Lourde’s version of Life on Mars is haunting.


closet green dress

  • This Geo Print Dress from New Look makes both my eyes and wallet hurt so good! It’s in the sale for £41.60, so I’m trying to justify it as a pay day treat!


  • In praise of good coffee! Sometimes I just need to take myself out for the day, get a good coffee and read my book. Brew Lab is my new favourite spot in Edinburgh for that. They’re a little hip, but the coffee is incredible! Plus, they’ve just opened a new branch that’s much easier for me to get to.


Maggie Bob Wears: Louche Gael Botanic Dress Three Ways

I am in love – and this time I know it’s the real thing!


Louche Gael Botanic Dress | Joy | £55

When this dress popped up in my twitter stream, it was love at first sight. And then I thought – I haven’t done a wear it three ways post for ages, and this dress is crying out for it. So away we go…

Look 1: Spring Wedding

look 1

Mesh Panel Heels | New Look | £19.99
Half Sleeve Shrug | Jane Norman | £10
Kiki Shantung Fascinator | John Lewis | £40
Sera Bow Clutch | Coast | £35

First things first I’d discard the belt, because no-one needs that clash. I would totally wear this to a spring wedding – subtle navy with a splash of mind green? I am all over that. And I love me a statement fascinator.

Look 2: Maggie About Town

look 2

Ruched Sleeve Blazer | boohoo | £10
Isbell Crosshatch Shopper | Ted Baker | £149
Buckle Ankle Boots | Next | £65
Twist Hair Turban | ASOS | £6

Honestly, I would wear the threads out of this outfit. This is so me – the matchy-clashy colours, the hair turban, the giant bag (hey, this is my fantasy and in it I have a Ted Baker bag, okay?). And of course the sensible shoes. See me tromping down Princes Street in this outfit the next time there’s a sunny weekend just after payday.

Look 3: Coffee Date Comfort

look 3

 Unicorn Jumper | Joy | £20
Rolled Glitter Flats | Everything5Pounds | £5
Glitter Initial Necklace | Claires | £5.50 (with bracelet)
Cranham Travel Cup | Cath Kidston | £8

I’m never more comfortable that when lounging around in a fabulous dress. BTW this Jumper, also a Louche gem from Joy, is on sale for just £20 and I’m only telling you because I’ve already ordered mine, but get in quick before they all go! Add a tiny touch of glitter and a fabulous mug and I’m ready to rock the coffee shop – mine’s a large latte please.

As always, do let me know which look you like best – the comment box is just down there.


Maggie Bob Wears: Dresses For Days Like These

We all have ‘those’ days, don’t we? Your bed doesn’t want to let you go in the morning, you’ve got a headache that won’t quit, and while you’d rather spend all day in your PJs with a box set of Game of Thrones (I’m finally catching up with series 2 of this – I know, I’m way behind!) but instead you have to make yourself presentable, get in to the office and act like a grown up.

I was feeling a bit like this last week as I was a bit under the weather, and I realised what I wanted was some comfort clothing. Something smart enough for work, but comfortable and as easy to wear as pyjamas (more or less). So try these ones on for size…


Sylvie Breton Top Pencil Dress | Lindy Bop | £22.49

A nice stretchy jersey fabric is so forgiving, but it doesn’t have to look like loungewear. This dress is chic enough that I’d happily wear it to work and doesn’t need any accessorising to work (although I’d throw a long string of pearls on if I could be bothered).


Tropical Dress | Joe Browns | £39.95

More stretchy fabric, but this time cotton with a silky look and a fabulous print! A pair of tights and a cardigan with this and I wouldn’t know if I was curled up on the sofa or sitting through a three hour meeting.


Green Lace Skater Dress | New Look | £22.99

Skater is my go-to dress shape for flattering comfort, and the lace overlay on this takes it to a dressy enough level for me to maintain my fabulously attired reputation at work, even on the days when I can’t be bothered.

I hope you like. And do tell me how you balance between comfort and style. I’ll be curled up in my pyjamas, waiting for your response.


Maggie Bob Shops: November Everything5Pounds Stash

While stuck at home letting my broken foot regrow learning to use crutches, I treated myself to a little bit of online shopping from Everything5Pounds. I’ve bought from this online discount retailer once before and it was kind of a mixed bag in terms of fit, so I was a bit more careful in my choices this time. They arrived today, I’ve already tried everything on, and I’m very happy with the results. Let me show you what I got.

Umbrella Print Woolen Swing Dress

This is gorgeous – easily my favourite thing from today’s parcel. It’s warm but lightweight, exactly what I want for this time of year. And the sleeves are a good length for me (I’m a short arse with short arms and full length sleeves tend to annoy me). I got the M/L which came up perfectly true to size on me as a UK14. Expect to see an outfit post with this dress soon – I’m already planning it out in my head.

Lips Print Bell Skirt

How could I resist this skirt? The colours, the print – it was all calling out to me seductively. The fit is good (M/L again) although the skirt comes up a little short. Nothing opaque tights and a pair of killer heels won’t resolve (and yes, I know – no heels for me until this damned foot is better).

Multicoloured Rings Velvet Column Skirt

Another siren call for a colour fiend like me. A good fit (body con though) I can see this getting a lot of wear if I can overcome my mistrust of the velvet-feel!

Rocking Platform Trainer

Rocking Platform Trainer

Despite my well advertised love of a fabulous heel, I do also appreciate a comfy shoe. There was a huge thing for these rocking, ‘barefoot’ style trainers a while ago and I’m finally jumping on board. The curve isn’t as pronounced as on some more highbrow brands but that actually suits me as the rocking would probably give me sea-sickness. Instead these just allow me to roll my foot gently as I step forward, giving a nice comfortable motion.

Anyone else tried Everything5Pounds? What did you buy? Tell me in the comments below.