Maggie Bob Loves: Whisky & Ginny

The Chinese New Year was last week, and although they’ve named it the year of the Rooster, for me 2017 is definitely going to be the year of the cat. As you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, we adopted two kittens towards the end of last year and it’s no surprise that they’ve taken over our flat, our hearts and now I suspect they’ll take over my blog (they have tried to monopolise the keyboard even as I type this).

We adopted two littermates; Ginny, a tortoiseshell, and Whisky a sleek black cat. We thought we were getting two sisters, but on our first visit to the vets we were informed that, although he kept his secret well hidden, Whisky was indeed a tom. Let me introduce you to them both and tell you my favourite things about them.


When we adopted Ginny we were told she was the shyer of the two, and this is true. She is more cautious of new people, although she is the bolder kitten when it comes to exploring new things and never misses an opportunity to climb to the highest perch in any room. She has adopted Tim as her main human and her favourite place is curled up in his lap to sleep. He’s trained her to sit on shoulders, which she does with great pleasure – launching herself off the floor or any other surface on to my shoulder without any warning. And I have the scratches to prove it.


My baby boy! Whisky is me in cat form – he sleeps like a log, doesn’t like being on the wrong side of a closed door, and has great enthusiasm for his food – even if he does make a mess when he eats. He shadows me when I am home, even sleeping at night curled up in the crook of my knees. Whisky has developed an endearing habit of flopping down wherever he is, limbs akimbo – he’s the definition of chill. I think through my influence he is also very affectionate, and I’m regularly treated to a barrage of head bunts and nose kisses… and the occasional chin nibble.

I’m thinking I’ll do more blogs about the cats in the future – what we feed them, kitten essentials, reviews of cat products that sort of thing. But for today I’ll leave you with this brilliant picture of my duo showing how perfectly in-sync they are with each other <3

If you love these two as much as I do, please feel free to leave them a comment!