Maggie Bob Shops: November Everything5Pounds Stash

While stuck at home letting my broken foot regrow learning to use crutches, I treated myself to a little bit of online shopping from Everything5Pounds. I’ve bought from this online discount retailer once before and it was kind of a mixed bag in terms of fit, so I was a bit more careful in my choices this time. They arrived today, I’ve already tried everything on, and I’m very happy with the results. Let me show you what I got.

Umbrella Print Woolen Swing Dress

This is gorgeous – easily my favourite thing from today’s parcel. It’s warm but lightweight, exactly what I want for this time of year. And the sleeves are a good length for me (I’m a short arse with short arms and full length sleeves tend to annoy me). I got the M/L which came up perfectly true to size on me as a UK14. Expect to see an outfit post with this dress soon – I’m already planning it out in my head.

Lips Print Bell Skirt

How could I resist this skirt? The colours, the print – it was all calling out to me seductively. The fit is good (M/L again) although the skirt comes up a little short. Nothing opaque tights and a pair of killer heels won’t resolve (and yes, I know – no heels for me until this damned foot is better).

Multicoloured Rings Velvet Column Skirt

Another siren call for a colour fiend like me. A good fit (body con though) I can see this getting a lot of wear if I can overcome my mistrust of the velvet-feel!

Rocking Platform Trainer

Rocking Platform Trainer

Despite my well advertised love of a fabulous heel, I do also appreciate a comfy shoe. There was a huge thing for these rocking, ‘barefoot’ style trainers a while ago and I’m finally jumping on board. The curve isn’t as pronounced as on some more highbrow brands but that actually suits me as the rocking would probably give me sea-sickness. Instead these just allow me to roll my foot gently as I step forward, giving a nice comfortable motion.

Anyone else tried Everything5Pounds? What did you buy? Tell me in the comments below.


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