Maggie Bob Wears: Body Shop British Rose Plumping Mask

I’m really getting in to taking part in blog chats lately. Although the subjects don’t always feel relevant to me, it’s easy to just skip (or observe and learn!) those ones, and take part in the ones where I feel I can contribute. We Are Thirty Plus run some stonking chats, and it’s been so good to meet and chat with other bloggers on a range of subjects from exercise, to social media, to wearable tech. Recently, they joined forces with The Body Shop to celebrate the high street store’s 40th anniversary, and it got me reminiscing!

One of the things I remember fondly about The Body Shop is their bath pearls – remember them? You could go in with your meagre pocket money and come out with a oil filled bath pearl in every colour and still have enough left over for a copy of Bunty and some penny mix. Yeah, that’s pretty much my childhood extravagance summed up there – gosh how times have changed, wish I was still so easily (and cheaply) pleased!


It was really fun to discuss with other bloggers our memories of The Body Shop, including their products past and present (their body butters are still a firm favourite it would seem), and remembering some of their stonking campaigns. I love how The Body Shop is so dedicated to animal welfare, as well as improving life for humans too.

After the chat The Body Shop got in touch to offer me some products to try, including one of their new Superfood Face Masks. There are 5 masks, each designed to target different skin types: Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask for maturing skin; Chinese Ginseng Rice Clarifying & Polishing Mask for dull skin; Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask for blemish prone skin; Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask for fatigued skin; and British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask for dry skin. Apparently these are also ideal for multi-masking, which I’m guessing is exactly what it sounds like and means you apply different masks to different parts of your face, depending on what the skin there needs.


I tried the British Rose Fresh Plumping mask, and I’m very impressed with it. The consistency is a bit like a good jam, but it spread on my face quite easily using just my fingers. I left it on my face for… ummm… at least 90 minutes but to be honest I lost track. It’s translucent on the skin and dries in to a slightly sticky finish. When I remembered I just washed it off with warm water. My skin is fairly well behaved, but it did feel extra good after the mask. The toning element this mask promises is good for me too, as I am prone to redness.


See how pretty fresh my face looks? The masks are all available in-store and from from this month, and are £15 each. There’s plenty of applications in each jar, so this is a lovely little treat. Do you have any fond memories of the Body Shop? The comments below are open…


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