Maggie Bob Goes: To Copenhagen

Ah yes – after the holiday comes the inevitable holiday blog post. I’m very much in a listing mode at the moment, so I just thought I would give you some tips, thoughts and memories from Copenhagen today, and the same from our time in Malmo in my next post.


  1. saved our bacon. After our AirBnB apartment turned out to have no curtains/blinds (seriously?) we needed to find somewhere to sleep urgently. Not just wanting to wander in to hotels until we found one with availability that night and a price-tag under £500, we plonked ourselves down on a bench by the canal, loaded up the app and within 10 minutes had found and booked a hotel a 15 minute walk away. A huge relief at 8pm after 5 hours of walking, waiting and worrying in the sticky heat. We arrived to find our new hotel had not one, but 5 beds. And extra curtains too!IMG_0011
  2. The Metro in Copenhagen is fast, frequent and cheap. Plus you can sit up the front and pretend you’re driving, just like we all do on the DLR in London too (don’t pretend you don’t)copenhagen-metro-maggiebob
  3. They seem to be fond of the word ‘bastard’ in Copenhagen. As well as the below sign, which was in the café of the National Museum, we also frequented (well, went twice to) Bastard Café. One translated review changed the word ‘bastard’ to ‘hybrid’ which seemed quite a poetic take on it.copenhagen-museum-cafe-maggiebob
  4. Their tap water is eminently drinkable. Like Edinburgh or Amsterdam I found many places offer tap water, either already out or on request. Don’t be afraid to have some water for the table along with your meal and any other drinks. It’s of a similar quality to UK water, and was very welcome in the warm sticky weather during our visit.IMG_0007
  5. I’m not sure we indulged in much traditional Danish food, but it’s worth wandering slightly outside of the touristy areas to eat. My Croque Madame below from Brasserie Degas was one of the best I’ve had.copenhagen-croque-madam-maggiebob
  6. Almost everything in Copenhagen Airport closes at 10pm. As we found our when our 10pm flight was delayed by two and a half hours and we couldn’t get the vending machines to accept our card. So if you’ve got a late flight, make sure to get your shopping, eating and drinking in early.IMG_0002
  7. Our time in Copenhagen was limited due to the above mentioned AirBnB fiasco, as well as transport problems on the last day, but we managed to check out the National Museum of Denmark (come for the Vikings, stay for the creepy dolls house exhibition), Copenhagen City Hall (gorgeous inside and out), the impressive Central Station and the tranquil Frederiksberg Gardens.IMG_0013
  8. Sights we didn’t get to see this time and we’ll have to make a return visit to see (oh, what a shame!) include the Rundetaarn, Christiansborg Palace and the Cisterns of underground Frederiksberg.IMG_0003
  9. We got to meet/hang out with a real-life internet friend, Calucita. You should check out her twitch channel for awesomeness.

  10. Tivoli Gardens is rather impressive, and also worked as a good navigation aid when walking around the centre. We didn’t venture in, but you could easily pass a whole day there.IMG_0014

Some of those pictures are mine, but all the good ones are thanks to the husband!


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