Maggie Bob Takes: A BookSelfie


So pictures of this T-shirt have been whizzing around twitter, leaving a few of us miffed. Aside from the fact that it should be fewer, not less, these two things are not mutually exclusive – are they?

I love to read. I love big books, short books, old books, new books, and yes, even ebooks. The smell of them, the way they feel in my hand, the stories and whole worlds tucked away inside them. And… I also like to take selfies. I am that social cliche with an Instagram full of pictures of me and my dinner. No sunsets though – I’m too busy admiring them to photograph them.


(If you can’t read the badge in that photo, it says “I like big books and I cannot lie” and it’s from the wonderful Literary Emporium)

I’m fairly happy with myself and comfortable in my body, but selfies still make me feel good about myself. Selfies are great because I’m in control so I get to show only the bits of my day I want to. And thanks to social media I get to share those bits of my life with my friends. These selfies can validate me – here I am, important, not invisible. Some selfies are because I particularly like how I look that day, some allow me to express an emotion better than text – as the ridiculous snapchats I send to my sister would attest. Sometimes I’m showing off an achievement, even if that’s as simple as getting my eyeliner on point!

Anyway, the point of all this is that although the T-shirt is missing the point, it did give me an idea. Selfies and books: why not combine the two? So here are my #bookselfie shots with the books I’ve been reading so far this year.

IMG_1796 IMG_1813 IMG_1795

Come over to my Instagram to follow what I’m reading along with my gorgeous/gormless mug!

And as a final note, since this post has lodged it in to my head and I like to share the pain – here’s a music video for you…


2 thoughts on “Maggie Bob Takes: A BookSelfie”

  1. Admittedly, I love books more than I love selfies. Books books books! Always books. The only thing that really bothers me about selfies are those stupid-looking selfie sticks that people attach to their cameras. I mean, please. Put that shit away.

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