Maggie Bob Takes: A Sunday Night Bath

Harking back to my post about taking better care of myself, I thought I would walk you through my current bath routine, including the products I’m currently using. Most of these is me using up things I already own rather than buying things specially in. I’ve been given or otherwise acquired loads of beautiful smellies, but tied in with my feelings of waste and worth, I kept saving them for a ‘special occasion’ which is ridiculous I know. So I’ve decided every Sunday night is my bath night and is a special enough occasion to warrant using all my lovely bubbly stuff.

Our bath takes ages to fill, so while it’s running (I like mine as hot as I can take – it’s not a good bath unless I’m pink when I climb out) I’ll get everything ready; a towel, dressing gown and slippers to get in to when I’m done, my music and book to enjoy and if I’m feeling decadent I’ll light the candles – though this makes it difficult to read. If I remember I’ll put on a face mask. I’ve finished off my last pot of Brazened Honey from Lush, and my Rose Plumping Mask from The Body Shop can melt off a bit from the steam, so I’m after something new for my face. My friend Katie did bring me some proper sheet masks back from her trip to Korea so I’ve been enjoying those as well.

I bought a bunch of bath bombs and bubble bars in the Lush Boxing Day sales so one of those goes in the bath. I love their bubble bars especially, these really do deliver on the movie star bubbles as promised and I feel properly good luxuriating in a huge pile of foamy bubbles. Last weekend I used the Star Dust bath bomb and even Tim was commenting on how lovely it smells, plus I loved the turquoise blue it turned the water. I’m definitely a bath reader. I’m currently working through my TBR pile, which I think I’m going to do a whole separate post about. I’m also reading *that* biography of Hamilton by Ron Chernow but it’s far too hefty for the bath unfortunately. I sometimes hook my iPod up to a water safe speaker and have some music on. I don’t feel the need for specifically ‘relaxing’ music, and lately I’ve had various musical soundtracks to keep me and my bubbles company.

I always think I’ve only been in the bath for 20 minutes or so before I realise an hour or more has flown past, so I think that means I’m relaxed. Before I get out of the bath, I’m giving myself an all over scrub with a sea salt scrub from the Body Shop to slough off all the rough skin, then I’m doubling the treat with a body conditioner. I step out of the bath and in to my fresh (hopefully) dressing gown and slippers. I often put talc in my slippers – making sure I dry my feet well first because I don’t want soggy talc caked on my toes – which was an inspired idea from my husband, and I love how silky smooth it leaves my feet feeling.

Yup, that’s me looking all fresh and relaxed after a bath. I try to make that feeling last as long as possible after the bath by having plenty to drink (the hot bath is a little dehydrating after all) and getting in to a freshly made bed with a hot water bottle. Okay, sometimes that just can’t realistically happen, as things need to get done and kittens need attention, but a girl can dream!

So what’s your bath routine?