Maggie Bob Takes: Care Of Myself

Happy new year everyone! Is it too late to say that now? Ah well – my blog my rules. This is my obligatory January blog where I tell you I don’t make resolutions. The problem with resolutions is they are so easily broken, right? But the enforced ‘time out’ over Christmas and New Year – I had 11 continuous days off this year – plus my birthday falling in the middle of that, I definitely find myself taking time to look at where I am in life, what I’m doing, and what I’d like to do over the next year.

Getting ready for the year with my bullet journal

Something that came from a revelation I had last year is that I need to take better care of myself so that I don’t burn out. The crux of this was actually mildly comical/hysterical, and involved me in the middle of Lush forcefully talking myself out of buying a bath bomb because how could I think about spending £4 on one bath? It’s not worth it*… I’m not worth it. Yup, that is where my brain was going, and I know now I was being daft.

As most of you know, I’m currently working full time and running a household of two adults (and now two cats) while my husband deals with an anxiety disorder, and I guess there’s an element of caring for him in there too. I expend a lot of physical, mental and emotional energy and I continue to plough on no matter what and that has inevitably led to me hitting breaking point more than once in 2016.

I see more Lush baths in my future!

Now fortunately I consider myself to be in good general health – yes I still get my periodic migraines, but I eat well, sleep well, walk 5k most days, my allergies are under control and don’t find myself catching bugs all that often – so I am robust and bounce back from these brain melts fairly quickly. But I don’t want to take my health for granted, so in 2017 I’m definitely going to be taking better care of me. Some of my initial thoughts on how to achieve this are:

  • Me time and nights off: this is where the Lush baths come in. I had started a tradition of giving myself Friday nights off; passing on the responsibility for cooking dinner, not worrying about laundry/dishes/tidying/running around after people, and I would take a good book and a nice gin with me and go have a nice bath. I’m struggling with alcohol at the moment, so I’m having to forgo the gin, but I’m still trying to take time off from worrying about what I ‘need’ to get done.
  • Hobbies: I’m desperate to sort out my craft supplies, I’ve got some tat that’s been kicking around for ages and needs gone then I’ll better be able to use what is left. I need to get back to the joy of creating for its own sake. I sort of keep putting myself off because it has no purpose or I’m not good enough at it or whatever – very bad brain behaviour there I know.
  • Get out: I ‘m embarrassed by the number of days I find myself doing nothing but sitting on my sofa, television mindlessly on, phone in hand. Honestly – I enjoy spending an evening like this, but not every time. A change is as good as a rest and I need to get myself out of the house a wee bit more – spend time with friends and do things. This will be hard at the moment, not just because of the wintry weather but also because of the kittens being at home and needing me/me wanting to cuddle them, but I’m going to commit to some events and bloody well get out to them.

I hope you all manage to take some time this year for yourselves.

*Of course, these sort of things are only worth it if you can afford it and will use it. Don’t get in debt just for an extra nice smelling bath!