Maggie Bob Goes: To Copenhagen

Ah yes – after the holiday comes the inevitable holiday blog post. I’m very much in a listing mode at the moment, so I just thought I would give you some tips, thoughts and memories from Copenhagen today, and the same from our time in Malmo in my next post.


  1. saved our bacon. After our AirBnB apartment turned out to have no curtains/blinds (seriously?) we needed to find somewhere to sleep urgently. Not just wanting to wander in to hotels until we found one with availability that night and a price-tag under £500, we plonked ourselves down on a bench by the canal, loaded up the app and within 10 minutes had found and booked a hotel a 15 minute walk away. A huge relief at 8pm after 5 hours of walking, waiting and worrying in the sticky heat. We arrived to find our new hotel had not one, but 5 beds. And extra curtains too!IMG_0011
  2. The Metro in Copenhagen is fast, frequent and cheap. Plus you can sit up the front and pretend you’re driving, just like we all do on the DLR in London too (don’t pretend you don’t)copenhagen-metro-maggiebob
  3. They seem to be fond of the word ‘bastard’ in Copenhagen. As well as the below sign, which was in the café of the National Museum, we also frequented (well, went twice to) Bastard Café. One translated review changed the word ‘bastard’ to ‘hybrid’ which seemed quite a poetic take on it.copenhagen-museum-cafe-maggiebob
  4. Their tap water is eminently drinkable. Like Edinburgh or Amsterdam I found many places offer tap water, either already out or on request. Don’t be afraid to have some water for the table along with your meal and any other drinks. It’s of a similar quality to UK water, and was very welcome in the warm sticky weather during our visit.IMG_0007
  5. I’m not sure we indulged in much traditional Danish food, but it’s worth wandering slightly outside of the touristy areas to eat. My Croque Madame below from Brasserie Degas was one of the best I’ve had.copenhagen-croque-madam-maggiebob
  6. Almost everything in Copenhagen Airport closes at 10pm. As we found our when our 10pm flight was delayed by two and a half hours and we couldn’t get the vending machines to accept our card. So if you’ve got a late flight, make sure to get your shopping, eating and drinking in early.IMG_0002
  7. Our time in Copenhagen was limited due to the above mentioned AirBnB fiasco, as well as transport problems on the last day, but we managed to check out the National Museum of Denmark (come for the Vikings, stay for the creepy dolls house exhibition), Copenhagen City Hall (gorgeous inside and out), the impressive Central Station and the tranquil Frederiksberg Gardens.IMG_0013
  8. Sights we didn’t get to see this time and we’ll have to make a return visit to see (oh, what a shame!) include the Rundetaarn, Christiansborg Palace and the Cisterns of underground Frederiksberg.IMG_0003
  9. We got to meet/hang out with a real-life internet friend, Calucita. You should check out her twitch channel for awesomeness.

  10. Tivoli Gardens is rather impressive, and also worked as a good navigation aid when walking around the centre. We didn’t venture in, but you could easily pass a whole day there.IMG_0014

Some of those pictures are mine, but all the good ones are thanks to the husband!


Maggie Bob Makes: Peach Iced Tea

I’ve talked before about how I drink plenty of water during the day at work. But I’ll be the first to admit I’m terrible for remembering to drink enough at the weekend when I’m not withing 10 steps of a filtered water tap. This leaves me grouchy and tired and headachey most weekends, so I had to do something about it. The husband won’t drink plain water, and I wanted to make something we could both drink. Funnily enough, for someone who doesn’t enjoy hot drinks, the husband is a big fan of iced tea.

Well there was the perfect solution! And with summer on its way (the solstice is next week folks), iced tea seems like the ideal drink to turn to. I could make a big pitcher of it in the morning and we could fill our glasses from it throughout the day. I’m a fruit tea aficionado now, so a quick rummage in the cupboard turned up plenty of choice. I settled on these Knightsbridge peach and raspberry teabags (from Lidl) and some Scottish Blend pyramid bags for the black tea element. I highly recommend the Scottish Blend – made for the softer water up here, you can leave them in to brew for much longer without everything becoming overwhelmed with tannins, which is handy for iced tea especially.


I find the amount of sugar quoted below as plenty for my tastes, but feel free to add more or less as you prefer. The husband tops his tea up with a splash of apple juice for extra sweetness, which is also quite a good idea.

[recipe title=”Peach Iced Tea” servings=”8 cups approx” time=”2+hr inc. chilling” difficulty=”easy”]

1ltr boiled water
1ltr chilled water
4 peach & raspberry teabags (or other fruit tea)
2 Scottish Blend teabags (or other black tea)
1 lemon, sliced + 2tsp lemon juice
3-4tbsp caster sugar, to taste
Ice cubes, to serve



  1. Put all of the teabags in a heatproof jug or bowl and cover with 1ltr boiled water. Leave to brew for 10 – 30mins. The longer you leave it the stronger the taste, but beware tannins.
  2. Remove the teabags and stir in the sugar, using more or less according to your tastes.
  3. Top your tea up with 1ltr of chilled water and add the lemon juice and slices.
  4. Chill in the fridge for 1-2hrs, then serve over ice. The tea should keep in the fridge for a day or two


I hope you give this a try and find it nice and refreshing. Sláinte!


Maggie Bob Makes: Simple Lunch Boxes

I love taking my own lunch in to work – it makes me feel smug. Of course I have days where I can only just get myself in to the office, never mind a fully prepared meal, but when I can be organised enough to throw a few bits in to some Tupperware I’m always glad I have. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how proud I am because I’m always posting pictures of my delicious lunch on there. Here’s some quick tips on how I put together my lunch boxes.

  1. Prepare in advance – if I can prep something on a Sunday evening that will fill my lunchbox for the coming week then I know I’m set. I might make a batch of my lunchbox muffins or a big bowl of pasta salad. At the very least I have a quick check and make sure I’ve got enough bread and bananas in to see me through a few days.
  2. maggiebob-lunch-1

  3. Eat the rainbow – not only do I like to wear all the colours, I also like to eat them. If I’m looking to add something to my lunchbox, I aim for a colour that’s not already there. Usually this means adding vegetables – carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumber being some of my favourite easy crudites to add. Of course this is also a great excuse to get different fruits in too – peaches (nothing wrong with tinned!), raspberries, melon, satsuma, pear… I could go on and on.
  4. maggiebob-lunch-3

  5. Love your leftovers – luckily, I will eat almost anything for lunch. I’ve done the classic reheated pizza slice (add a crisp salad on the side and you’re doing okay), but I’ve also been known to just take in a bowl of leftovers from whatever I had the night before – chilli, cheesy mash, Sunday roast. If I’m being super organised, I’ll turn my leftovers in to something new.
  6. maggiebob-lunch-2

  7. Some assembly required – when I’m not so on top of things I’ll just buy a packet of rice cakes and some avocados. With the addition of my secret weapon this is an easy lunch to assemble and eat as I go each day, removing the preparation in the morning and allowing me more time to wake up at least.
  8. maggiebob-lunch-4

  9. Keep it sweet – I like to put a wee treat in my lunchbox that can go with my afternoon cuppa (or my elevensies if it’s that kind of day). This is where my beloved loaf cakes come in to their own because they are ideal to slice and come again throughout the week. Well, if they last that long with my husband sniffing around the cake tin too!.
  10. maggiebob-lunch-5

  11. Think inside the box – what you carry your lunch in can make a difference. I have an unnecessarily large selection of boxes in difference sizes and colours, plus insulated bags to keep everything in. I like having tiny tubs that let me bring in a one-time sized portion of hummus or pickle for example.

So there you have it. That is, more or less, my thought process when it comes to what goes in my lunch box. Do you take lunch in to work? What do you like to put in yours?


Friday High Five #12

Firstly I just wanted to quickly apologise for the lack of posts this last couple of weeks – I’ve been trying to keep to my post schedule lately, but an RSI flare-up made it hard to do any serious typing and I didn’t have any posts in reserve. I’ve got plenty new posts planned now for you, which should give me a bit of ‘time off’ to cover the holiday I’m having soon (I’ll write all about that when I’m back!).

In the meantime, it is Friday, it is 5pm, and whether or not the sun is shining on you today, I hope my 5 picks below will brighten your day!


Floral Bumber Jacket | New Look | £29.99

  • This floral bomber jacket is summery but realistic. I’m not one for the heat anyway, but I know I wouldn’t mind a slightly chilly summer evening with this on


  • Film Fest In The City is back this weekend in Edinburgh and the programme of films looks great. Maybe you’ll find me aca-ing along to Pitch Perfect on Sunday evening?


Cat Lover Rings | Literary Emporiam | £12

  • I am here for these rings, and the sentiment from Ernest Hemingway too!


Finding Dory Flip-Flops | Primark | £2.50

  • I don’t care if the nearest thing I get to wearing these on a sandy beach is padding from my bathroom to the dressing room – I need these flip flops to remind me to ‘just keep swimming’!


  • I don’t even care that Frappucinos aren’t real coffee – they always make me feel like summer when I drink them, and I’m loving the range of flavours on offer this year

ttfn and remember – think summery thoughts!

Maggie Bob Feels: Awesome

So last week, @TheGirlGangHQ hosted a blogger chat on confidence and one thing a number of people (including myself) noted was the power of music to make you feel better. Of course this got me thinking and I just knew I wanted to do a post about it.

We all have songs that make us leap up with joy, or feel pumped up, or steel us ready for a tough situation. And when your confidence is low, it’s good to have a playlist of songs that make you feel awesome. So let me share with you ten songs that always make me feel awesome when I hear them.

Simple Minds: Don’t You (Forget About Me) – because when I hear this I think of The Breakfast Club and specifically Bender triumphantly raising his fist in the air at the end of the movie, and then I also want to hold my arm aloft in celebration too.

Dolly Parton: 9 to 5 – a great one to get me going in the mornings (or any time of day), even if I do need a ‘cup of ambition’ to get me started

RuPaul: Sissy That Walk – because if this ever doesn’t make me want to *strut* then I’m in serious trouble. Sashay away

Journey: Don’t Stop Beliving – #blameglee. I don’t even care. I’ll be over here rocking out and performing my wee socks off to this one.

Gloria Gaynor: I Am What I Am – this one is guaranteed to bring out my inner diva/queen every time. I am my own special creation.

The Rembrants: I’ll Be There For You – yes, it’s the theme from Friends. This song reminds me of my mid-teens (when the show was in its prime) hanging with my family (and yes, my friends).

Rent: Take Me Or Leave Me – two women singing about how awesome they are to each other as a domestic argument? I’m in!

Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – because we really do. I mean, in among equality, freedom from violence and a decent sleep, this is something we ‘girls’ want.

Scissor Sisters: Filthy Gorgeous – another song that is a trip down awesome memory lane. When this song & album came out I had the best summer of my life, including meeting my now husband!

Pink Floyd: Shine On You Crazy Diamond – a different kind of awesome here, this song is like meditation for me and leaves me feeling like I’m floating on cloud 9.

I’ve made a playlist of these 10 songs, plus loads of suggestions from my friends on twitter for songs that make them feel awesome which you can find on Spotify. And feel free to add your own suggestions so that we can all feel awesome together!