Friday High Five #5

It’s Friday, it’s 5 – it’s time for 5 things I’ve been lingering on this week!


  • Tomorrow is August, which means festival season is upon us here in Edinburgh (although everything officially kicks off on the 7th this year). I plan to spend this weekend planning out some of my Fringe itinerary. This will be my first one properly living here and I’m hoping to indulge quite a bit!

everything tshirt

  • My sister and I have become gym buddies, a large part of which involves sitting on our respective sofas and sending each other pictures of amusing gym wear. This top pretty much sums it up

frank funko

  • Rocky Horror Funko Pops – well these were an inevitability! I like how Frank is one of the few dolls in this range to get lips.


blind pig

  • Was out for a drink in The Flying Duck last weekend and saw these Blind Pig ciders on the shelf. Curiosity piqued I sampled the Whisky, Honey and Apple flavour and was not disappointed! Well worth a shout if you see them at your local drinking spot.

Maggie Bob Mourns: H&M Patterned Trousers

It’s always heart breaking when a favoured and trusted item of clothing finally gives up the ghost, isn’t it? This week my patterned H&M trousers died on me, right in the middle of sitting down (prompting a mad lunch break dash to Tesco for something to wear that didn’t involve flashing my pants to my colleagues). I may have been honing my ‘buns of steel’ but trouser-ripping glutes is going a bit too far!


I bought these about 3 years ago, right at the height of the patterned trousers trend. I had just lost a load of weight, and having recently joined WIWT I was starting to dip my toes in the waters of redefining my personal style again. Loads of people were enthusing about these specific trousers, and I twice abandoned them half way to the till before finally taking the plunge.


Since then these have been a regular fixture in my work wardrobe – teamed up with a variety of blouses and coloured tops in a way I couldn’t have imagined for so bold a print. They always got attention when I wore them (gaining a whole new audience when I moved back to Scotland). For my first adult dip in to ‘fashion’, they served me well I think.


And now, alas, I must bid farewell to them. There’s a gaping hole in my wardrobe – as well as my trousers! What fashion-y trend should I fill it with this time?


(All pictures pilfered from my – dormant – WIWT account. Maybe I should get that thing back up and running?)