Maggie Bob Wears: Louche Gael Botanic Dress Three Ways

I am in love – and this time I know it’s the real thing!


Louche Gael Botanic Dress | Joy | £55

When this dress popped up in my twitter stream, it was love at first sight. And then I thought – I haven’t done a wear it three ways post for ages, and this dress is crying out for it. So away we go…

Look 1: Spring Wedding

look 1

Mesh Panel Heels | New Look | £19.99
Half Sleeve Shrug | Jane Norman | £10
Kiki Shantung Fascinator | John Lewis | £40
Sera Bow Clutch | Coast | £35

First things first I’d discard the belt, because no-one needs that clash. I would totally wear this to a spring wedding – subtle navy with a splash of mind green? I am all over that. And I love me a statement fascinator.

Look 2: Maggie About Town

look 2

Ruched Sleeve Blazer | boohoo | £10
Isbell Crosshatch Shopper | Ted Baker | £149
Buckle Ankle Boots | Next | £65
Twist Hair Turban | ASOS | £6

Honestly, I would wear the threads out of this outfit. This is so me – the matchy-clashy colours, the hair turban, the giant bag (hey, this is my fantasy and in it I have a Ted Baker bag, okay?). And of course the sensible shoes. See me tromping down Princes Street in this outfit the next time there’s a sunny weekend just after payday.

Look 3: Coffee Date Comfort

look 3

 Unicorn Jumper | Joy | £20
Rolled Glitter Flats | Everything5Pounds | £5
Glitter Initial Necklace | Claires | £5.50 (with bracelet)
Cranham Travel Cup | Cath Kidston | £8

I’m never more comfortable that when lounging around in a fabulous dress. BTW this Jumper, also a Louche gem from Joy, is on sale for just £20 and I’m only telling you because I’ve already ordered mine, but get in quick before they all go! Add a tiny touch of glitter and a fabulous mug and I’m ready to rock the coffee shop – mine’s a large latte please.

As always, do let me know which look you like best – the comment box is just down there.


Maggie Bob Takes: A BookSelfie


So pictures of this T-shirt have been whizzing around twitter, leaving a few of us miffed. Aside from the fact that it should be fewer, not less, these two things are not mutually exclusive – are they?

I love to read. I love big books, short books, old books, new books, and yes, even ebooks. The smell of them, the way they feel in my hand, the stories and whole worlds tucked away inside them. And… I also like to take selfies. I am that social cliche with an Instagram full of pictures of me and my dinner. No sunsets though – I’m too busy admiring them to photograph them.


(If you can’t read the badge in that photo, it says “I like big books and I cannot lie” and it’s from the wonderful Literary Emporium)

I’m fairly happy with myself and comfortable in my body, but selfies still make me feel good about myself. Selfies are great because I’m in control so I get to show only the bits of my day I want to. And thanks to social media I get to share those bits of my life with my friends. These selfies can validate me – here I am, important, not invisible. Some selfies are because I particularly like how I look that day, some allow me to express an emotion better than text – as the ridiculous snapchats I send to my sister would attest. Sometimes I’m showing off an achievement, even if that’s as simple as getting my eyeliner on point!

Anyway, the point of all this is that although the T-shirt is missing the point, it did give me an idea. Selfies and books: why not combine the two? So here are my #bookselfie shots with the books I’ve been reading so far this year.

IMG_1796 IMG_1813 IMG_1795

Come over to my Instagram to follow what I’m reading along with my gorgeous/gormless mug!

And as a final note, since this post has lodged it in to my head and I like to share the pain – here’s a music video for you…


Maggie Bob Reads: October to December Read List

 Yeah, this is a hella summary post. I’ve been reading fairly steadily across the last part of 2014, so here it is:

IMG_1469.JPG  deadlines_stave1  CeceliaAhern_WhereRainbowsEnd  convertible 9  yesplease    

  • Holly Martin: 100 Christmas Proposals – a festive follow-up to 100 Proposals, which I wrote more about here.
  • Chris Brosnahan: Deadlines – this was really good fun to follow. The book was released in a serialised format over 10 weeks. It was good to follow the reactions on twitter week after week to this journalistic thriller, and Chris’ writing is a treat!
  • Cecelia Ahern: Where Rainbows End – this was a reread in anticipation of going to see the movie adaptation (Love, Rosie). However, the film didn’t hang around in cinemas long and looking at the reviews it seems I dodged a bullet by missing it!
  • Jane Bradley & Lucy Middlemass: Convertable – When my twitter pal Jane linked to her newly published short story, I just had to have it. And I recommend you do too!
  • Amy Poehler: Yes Please! – after so many of my fem friends received this for Christmas, I decided I *had* to treat myself to a copy for my birthday on the 27th, and I started it the same day. Technically I finished this on the 1st of January, but as it was still during the Christmas break I decided that counted.

So there wasn’t a lot of reading happening at the end of 2014, but there was a lot of settling in and exploring Edinburgh, getting to grips with a new job, and making the most of my new craft room! I’m hoping to bring you a lot more blogs about crafting and my cooking through 2015, but we shall see. I’ll still be reading, and talking about books (maybe more on twitter/Instagram than here though) of course, but I’d like to get back to my crafty blog beginnings…