Maggie Bob Reads: July & August Read List

So in all the fuss of finding a new job and trekking from London to Edinburgh for interviews I gave you June’s read list very late. Now the ridiculously stressful process of packing up everything we owned, actually moving up,¬†and then settling in to a new home and workplace means that we’re now at the end of September and I owe you two read lists, so this will be a bumper edition. Well, not that bumper – all that work didn’t leave much time for recreational reading. Without further ado…

IMG_1237.JPG IMG_1210.JPG IMG_1261.JPG IMG_1209.JPG IMG_1252.JPG

  • Stephen King: Carrie – my first ever King novel (I know, I know!) and I started with a stonker. So impactful I’m glad I didn’t watch any of the movie adaptations beforehand, even though popular culture already ensured I knew (roughly) what was going to happen.
  • Sophie Kinsella: Twenties Girl – my sister and I share a love of Sophie Kinsella so I was very happy to take this off her hands after she finished it. A nicely written story about discovering who you are through an ancestor and taking chances. Sometimes you’ve got to cut loose and do the Charleston!
  • Maeve Binchy: Quentins- another one from my sister; more specifically she gifted me a Maeve Binchy box set, and after this one I’m looking forward to working through more of these
  • Danny Wallace: Charlotte Street – this wasn’t the book o thought it would be, based either on the blurb or on the opening. And yet it is exactly the type of humour and heart I would expect from Danny Wallace. Well worth a punt
  • Sarah Waters: The Little Stranger – I have loved everything Sarah Waters has ever written, and this is no exception. A ghost story that made me think a little (a tiny little little) bit of Woman In Black, but feels a lot more about an exploration of the class system. Entirely my own fault I didn’t read this sooner – I went and bought the hardback as soon as it came out and I couldn’t face carrying that hefty thing about to read day-to-day

Not long until I put September’s read list up (honest) but please do tell me what you are reading just now.

Friday High Five #3

Kicking off this feature again with 5 things that have been getting me through this week:



  • Bobble bottle – I picked up one of these little beauties and it’s proving invaluable in keeping my hydrated during my new (walking) commute. Hurrah!


  • Hanging my washing outside. I don’t care if this makes me sound like a total laundry nerd: I’m still getting used to the novelty of having a garden again


  • Ambrosia Devon Dream – I am pouring this custard flavoured cream on anything I can think of, but as you can see from the picture above, my favourite is simple fresh berries.


  • Boden Matilda Dress – after drooling over this in the sale I was overjoyed to be given some Boden vouchers as a leaving gift by my old colleagues, and knew exactly what I would be treating myself to. The dress is gorgeous, but my only word of caution would be it sizes a bit small in the bust – I’ve had to size up to get it to fit.