Maggie Bob Wears: Boots Three Ways

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been stuck at home for the past couple of weeks now – ever since I took a tumble on the dancefloor and badly sprained my foot. While I’m getting the hang of crutches, I’m also having to come to terms with the fact that it’ll be quite a while before I can wear heels again, so I’ve started to research some flat and supportive boots to help get me on my feet while I fully heal.


Tan Chunky Buckle High Leg Boots | New Look | £39.99

Knowing that New Look always have comfortable shoes that make my feet happy, these boots should do the trick and see me through autumn (my favourite season, ever!) and right in to winter. And seeing how I’m stuck at home right now resting my foot, I decided to do a bit of online fantasy shopping and design three outfits that I would definitely absolutely wear to go with these boots.

Look 1: 90’s grunge


I know the 90’s is a bit too ‘now’ for me, but I need this tartan skirt in my life and wardrobe anyway. The Lulu Guinness bag folds away in to the lips (of course it does!), and Debbie Harry is essential in any circumstances. This outfit just felt like it needed those big hoopy earrings to finish it off too.

Tartan Skit | Topshop | £32
Debbie Harry T | George at ASDA | £10
Lulu Guinness Tote | Selfridges | £35
Oversized Hoop Earrings | Claires | £5.50

Look 2: Autumnal


This is my most expensive outfit, but it’s got a whole picturesque scene to go with it. Can’t you just see me wearing this while running walking carefully through Alexandra Palace, kicking up piles of autumn leaves? And then stopping somewhere for a hot chocolate to warm my hands on. You can’t see it in this picture, but the parka has leopard ears on the hood, which makes it just cutesy enough to go with a dress.

Ghoul Lace Dress | Topshop | £65
A Wear Leopard Ear Parka | ASOS | £80
Fallen Leaves Necklace | Tatty Devine | £30

Look 3: Snuggly Wooly


It wouldn’t be autumn without some oversized knitwear. I’m not sure if I can pull off the skinny-jeans-tucked-in-to-boots looks, but I want to try. And I’ll tell you a secret – Primark jeans are a damned good fit for me and my *ahem* generous rear spoiler.

Soft Skinny Jeans | Primark (online via ASOS) | £11
Cream & Pink Hearts Jumper | New Look | £29.99
Cobweb Beanie Hat | Topshop | £12
Cobweb Snood | Topshop | £16

Do let me know which outfit you like best, or what you’d wear with the boots.


Maggie Bob Reads: How to Live on £10 a Week

TenWeekBookHopefully you all remember when I took on the Penny Golightly tenner week challenge back in June. It was definitely more of a challenge than I thought it would be and I learned a bit about my spending habits. Well there’s going to be another tenner week starting on October 21st – which is perfect timing as between a wedding, a funeral and an Amanda Palmer house party, it’s shaping up to be an expensive month for me.

To help prepare for this tenner week, Penny Golightly kindly sent me a copy of her e-book How to Live on £10 a Week to read and review for you here.

Having followed Penny’s blog for a while and already taking part in a tenner week, I was pleased with how much this book had to offer. It really brought together the key ideas behind the challenge, as well as plenty of general thrifty advice on how to get the most out of every penny.

The introduction and first chapter outline what the challenge is and how it came about, as well as laying down the basic rules for playing along. This is followed by a chapter on bonus points, which is my favourite as it discusses all the extra things you might try and do for tenner week to stop it being 7 nights sat on the sofa watching crappy TV. This is the real gem of this book and the challenge – it’s not just about improving your finances, but also your quality of life.

The next section is called How to Eat Well on £10 a Week and covers how to stretch your budget to feed yourself for the week (without resorting to beans on toast 4 nights in a row). As on her blog, Penny puts the emphasis on healthy budget eating – so plenty of fruit and vegetables and plenty of information on how to get a balanced diet, including a ‘real world food shop’ with your £10 budget. There’s also some very sound advice that I’ll be using for the next tenner week on menu planning to get the best out of what’s in your cupboard/freezer. I know this is a big flaw of mine as I’ve a habit of deciding on the way home from work what to cook for dinner and buying what I need as/when I need it.

The final chapter, on Troubleshooting is going to be a big help to anyone who has tried and struggled with the challenge before. It can lead to quite a lot of introspection as you examine your relationship with your finances. How to Live on £10 a Week proves the perfect companion to this – a reassuring hand-holding through the challenge.

My recommendation is that you pop over to Amazon and pick up this e-book, devour it, then get ready to play along with Tenner week later this month. We’ll be discussing it on Twitter using the hashtag #10week, and I’ll be putting something up here as I play along (possibly some of my cheap Tenner week recipes?). And of course, will be our gracious and glamorous hostess.