Reading Habits

booksAfter Scott Pack from Me and My Big Mouth wrote about his reading habits many (including my local purveyor of books Big Green Bookshop) followed suit. Who am I to buck the trend? 

Maggie Bob’s reading habits:

  • I will read anything on any format. I’ve recently bought a nook, but will still read paper books, on my tablet or phone, the back of a cereal packet, whatever.
  • I go through phases where I don’t read much. These are usually followed by phases where I devour books at an almost unnatural pace.
  • I’ll use whatever’s to hand as a bookmark, such as receipts, bank statements or postcards. I’ve had countless proper bookmarks but can never find them when I need them.
  • I don’t take brilliant care of my books (I’m terribly clumsy when eating and drinking) but for some reason I don’t like folding down the corners to mark my place. It doesn’t bother me when other people do this though.
  • I’ll snatch a few pages of my book whenever I can. As a kid this meant reading my book while walking between classes – I developed excellent¬†peripheral¬†vision.
  • I’ll read across most genres, but when I’m looking to really escape I’ll usually turn to family sagas, usually set around WWII.
  • I have no system for storing books at home – there’s bookcases in most rooms and books usually end up shelved in the last room they were read in.
  • The only exception to the above is cookbooks, which are kept near the kitchen, except when I take them off the shelve and read them hungrily cover-to-cover.

(The lovely raggedy books picture is by dr_tr on flickr and used via the Creative Commons licence)