Maggie Bob Makes: A Fortune

I tried to include a handmade element in any gifts I gave this Christmas (or will yet give, in the case of family I’ve not yet seen).

When you’re doing a lot of handmade gifts, it can be tricky to come up with a good variety of ideas (there’s only so many people I can give sock monkeys to). So, for a wonderful friend of mine, I decided to make a jar of fortunes – basically paper fortune cookies with inspirational messages in them.

These are satisfyingly easy to make. There’s loads of tutorials around the web on how to make them, but I’m going to try and explain how I did them. First you need to cut a circle about 4″ in diameter from your patterned paper. You don’t want to use a heavyweight card or anything – printerweight patterned paper is fine.

I cut mine using a Fiskars circle cutter, but use a punch or die, or draw around a cup – whatever you’ve got. When you’ve got your circle, make as if to fold it in half (patterned side out), but only crease the middle part of the circle.

Pinch only the middle of the fold

Open your circle back out, and then go to fold it the other way. You will notice that the crease you made above now bows in. If you give it a push inwards, it should take on the familliar shape of a fortune cookie.

Push the folded cookie in to shape

You may find you need to put a dab of glue or double sided tape in the crease to hold your cookie closed.

Now all you need to do are print and trim your fortunes. When you have your fortune strip, you can then tuck it in to your cookie.

The fortunes I used for this gift were all inspirational sayings, but you could fill your cookies with jokes, lines from a poem or song, meal inspirations, or anything that would suit your recipients taste.

Then you can simply arrange them in a jar, tie with a ribbon and add a lable with a poem or greeting.

Let me know what you put in yours if you give this a try!

Who wouldn’t love to receive this jar of cookies?