Making Waves

Work in Progress signI’m a very bad blogger! I might actually post a make up here soon that isn’t a recipe. I’ve actually been working on quite a few Sock Monkeys, but as they are gifts for people, I don’t want to put any pictures up yet. I’m also going to try and get back in to putting my challenge cards up here.

In the mean time, just a few things to tell you. Firstly, I’m going to be giving the blog a bit of a makeover/tidy-up, so excuse my appearance in the mean time. Don’t think I’m going to change the theme, but I might be adding pages, widgets etc. If any of you know of a ‘must-have’ wp widget, please let me know!

Secondly, I’m pleased to say I’ve got a guest post on the fabulous Penny Golightly blog. I’ve been reading Penny’s blog for a while now, and am very happy that she has returned from a hiatus to continue to bring us her unique brand of recessionista tips – low budget ideas for fashion, food & lifestyle. Penny was looking for tea cake recipes, and my Earl Grey Loaf fit the bill perfectly. I highly recommend you try it – I’m still polishing off the last loaf I made.

And just a final quick note to remind you all that, although I’m going to try to blog more often, you will always find me over on that twitter thing – @maggiebob.




Work In Progress picture from koalazymonkey’s Flickr stream.