Possibility Overload

I just heard this phrase today, and it struck a chord. I feel like I never achieve anything I want to. The problem is, the list of what I want to achieve is stupidly long.

I want to cook, I want to blog, I want to knit, I want to sew, I want to make cards, I want to make jewellery, I want to learn bookbinding, and I want to start selling my crafts. I’m trying to learn the ukulele. I need to get fit, I need to get organised, I need to get healthy, I need to sell all my old junk on eBay. I hope to keep in touch with current friends, I hope to make new friends, and I hope to get back in touch with old friends.  I want to pick up am dram again, I want to read more, listen to more music, watch new films and rewatch old favourites. I’d like to dye my hair pink, purple, black, blonde. I’d like to throw out my wardrobe and start again.

So why, when I get home of an evening do I sit on the sofa and try not to fall asleep in front of How It’s Made? Maybe I should put all of my ambitions in a hat and pick one at random to follow. In the meantime, I’m going to try and remember to at least pop by here every so often and tell you what I’m up to…

(Flickr image from little blue hen’s photostream)