Maggie Bob Loves: Organic & Botanic

I keep insisting that I’m not a beauty blogger, and yet I keep coming across beautiful products that I want to try and tell you all about. Organic & Botanic offered to send me some of their all natural skincare products for me to try, and when I saw their range of products I couldn’t say no.

I’m completely addicted to citrus scents at the moment – the two perfumes I’m alternating between at the moment are Soap & Glory’s Orangeasm (which they don’t seem to do any more) and a lemon verbena one from L’Occitaine. So when I was sent two items from their Mandarin Orange range, and was so excited. I don’t know whether it was the excitement of something new to try, or the heady scent, but I was a happy Maggie.


Everything at Organic & Botanic is, well, organic. All of the packaging is recyclable – cardboard boxes and good old fashioned glass jars. The products are all made with natural ingredients, and everything is animal friendly and completely vegan (which is getting hard to find in certain cosmetics). I don’t have a skin care regime to speak of, and that’s served me okay so far. Whenever anyone has asked what I do for my skin, I’ve always glibly said “water, sun cream and not smoking”. But I’m trying to treat myself kinder, look after me a bit in among caring for the spoonie husband, so it’s been nice to set time aside to do this.


Of course, I’ve not stuck to it rigidly – I’m very forgetful – but I’ve been applying both the Enhancing Day Moisturiser (£57.06) and the Restorative Eye Serum (£58.77) in the morning after washing. The moisturiser goes on nicely – I was relived it didn’t leave a sticky feeling to my face and my sensitive skin didn’t react by going blotchy like it sometimes can. What’s particularly great (as this is a rather pricey product) is that this spreads well so I’m only needing a wee dollop of cream per application and the jar is going to last me a good long time.


The eye serum was a completely new product to me, and I had to look up online how to apply it. Apparently it’s best to use your ring finger because it makes you have a lighter touch. I put a few drops of the serum on my finger and smoothed it over the skin around my eye, then did the same on the other side. This felt very refreshing, so was especially nice to apply on tired morning eyes.

My full verdict – both lovely products that felt like a real treat to use even as everyday items. And walking around all day with a face that smelled of mandarin was basically a dream for me!





** The products were kindly send to me by Organic & Botanic to try out and give my honest opinion which I have done. All photos and thoughts are my own and I have not been paid for this blog post **

Maggie Bob Shops: Mini Primark Haul

Yes I’ve been shopping! Little confession – this haul post should probably have gone up nearly a month ago when I actually bought this stuff, but I didn’t get around to it, and I’d lost my blogging mojo a bit if I’m honest. I’ve also been slightly preoccupied with something exciting that is happening next week and which I’m sure you’ll hear all about here very soon.

I’m calling this a mini-haul, not just because there’s only 4 things, but also they’re all wee – no clothing or larger pieces of homeware. Although last month (in different shopping trips) I did also buy from Primark the unicorn bedspread that everyone was talking about, a nice proper felt wool hat reduced to £1 and the Hogwarts bomber jacket I’ve been eyeing up since it came in and waiting for it to go on sale. I think that was £8 in the end.

Anyway, on the haul.


The unicorn trinket tray was £4. I take my rings off when I sleep so they get stored over the unicorn’s horn, obviously. And I’m trying to remember to keep my earrings on this tray too instead of haphazardly leaving them wherever I happen to be when I take them off (bad habit of mine!).

The rose gold earring set was, as you can see in the photo, only £2 for the three pairs of earrings. They had most initials still available when I went, so I had to nab a set of the ‘m’ ones of course. I’ve been wearing these quite a lot over the last month. Surprisingly I’ve found myself wearing the bigger circle ones more I just kind of like the way they look on I guess.

I’ve been wanting to try a deeper colour and this lip crayon was only £2 so perfect for experimenting. This is the Velvet Matte crayon in maroon and I must say the colour has had a lot of compliments. However this doesn’t have the staying power of my beloved MACs, so did need reapplying. Not bad for a day-to-day lipstick this time of year though.

Finally, I nabbed a hand cream because this manuka honey scent sounded delicious and again was only £1 for the tub. It can feel a wee bit sticky going on, but does (eventually) rub. It smells as good as I hoped it would too. I get through so much hand cream at work, constantly applying throughout the day as my hands feel so dry, so this will never go to waste.

So, have you bought anything nice recently? Do tell me in the comments below!

Maggie Bob Wears: Body Shop British Rose Plumping Mask

I’m really getting in to taking part in blog chats lately. Although the subjects don’t always feel relevant to me, it’s easy to just skip (or observe and learn!) those ones, and take part in the ones where I feel I can contribute. We Are Thirty Plus run some stonking chats, and it’s been so good to meet and chat with other bloggers on a range of subjects from exercise, to social media, to wearable tech. Recently, they joined forces with The Body Shop to celebrate the high street store’s 40th anniversary, and it got me reminiscing!

One of the things I remember fondly about The Body Shop is their bath pearls – remember them? You could go in with your meagre pocket money and come out with a oil filled bath pearl in every colour and still have enough left over for a copy of Bunty and some penny mix. Yeah, that’s pretty much my childhood extravagance summed up there – gosh how times have changed, wish I was still so easily (and cheaply) pleased!


It was really fun to discuss with other bloggers our memories of The Body Shop, including their products past and present (their body butters are still a firm favourite it would seem), and remembering some of their stonking campaigns. I love how The Body Shop is so dedicated to animal welfare, as well as improving life for humans too.

After the chat The Body Shop got in touch to offer me some products to try, including one of their new Superfood Face Masks. There are 5 masks, each designed to target different skin types: Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask for maturing skin; Chinese Ginseng Rice Clarifying & Polishing Mask for dull skin; Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask for blemish prone skin; Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask for fatigued skin; and British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask for dry skin. Apparently these are also ideal for multi-masking, which I’m guessing is exactly what it sounds like and means you apply different masks to different parts of your face, depending on what the skin there needs.


I tried the British Rose Fresh Plumping mask, and I’m very impressed with it. The consistency is a bit like a good jam, but it spread on my face quite easily using just my fingers. I left it on my face for… ummm… at least 90 minutes but to be honest I lost track. It’s translucent on the skin and dries in to a slightly sticky finish. When I remembered I just washed it off with warm water. My skin is fairly well behaved, but it did feel extra good after the mask. The toning element this mask promises is good for me too, as I am prone to redness.


See how pretty fresh my face looks? The masks are all available in-store and from from this month, and are £15 each. There’s plenty of applications in each jar, so this is a lovely little treat. Do you have any fond memories of the Body Shop? The comments below are open…


Maggie Bob Wears: MAC Retro Matte

What I know about makeup could fill a postage stamp, but one of my dearest friends bought me a MAC lipstick a few years ago and got me hooked. Now I have a little tradition where I buy myself a new lipstick whenever I’m going through Duty Free. This isn’t significantly cheaper, but it gives me an excuse; or to look at it another way it limits my habit. As I don’t fly very often I only have 3 lipsticks in current use and I’m going to show you my most recent acquisition which I got in Copenhagen airport during my trip last month.


Now as I’ve already mentioned I’m not a makeup person by nature. When I apply lipstick I don’t prime my lips first. I don’t use a lipliner, or apply with a brush. I simply apply the colour directly on to my lips, and if I’m not in a rush I may even blot. With this lipstick I find that’s enough. I’ve read some reviewers complain that the matte is too dry or drying, but honestly I’ve not found this to be a problem. I find MAC’s mattes to be quite slick without having the stickiness of a gloss. It doesn’t feel overly dry on my lips, and the colour is nice and strong. Best of all it lasts! I’ve included pictures of it freshly applied and after a full work day so you can see.


This shade is called Ruby Woo. I really wanted a good proper red (my last one was ‘Relentlessly Red‘ which somehow looks more pink on), and had this one in my hands for all of 2 seconds before Tim said “Oh yes, that one!”. I’d only just started looking so I don’t think he was just bored and trying to hurry me along. Somehow he just has a good eye for colour because as soon as I applied this I knew it was the red of my dreams. I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I bought it because, as we all know, a good red goes with everything*.


I’m going to be taking a flight again next month, so I’m contemplating colours. Do I go for something daring like a plum, or perhaps it’s time I had a good nude in my repertoire? If my makeup savvy friends and readers could leave me some suggestions, that would be great.


*applies to wine as well as lipstick

Maggie Bob Wears: Damson Kitten Blouse Three Ways

Last week, Lindybop tweeted a link to one of their new products, and I just knew immediately that I had to give it the 3-ways treatment. I love that feeling where just one item of clothing gives me lots of outfit ideas. And of course, any excuse to go shopping – virtually or otherwise. The product was this kitten print blouse:


Damson Kitten Print Shirt | Lindybop | £20
Well I think it’s “oh my gosh” cute, and I hope you do too. My head was instantly running with ideas of how to wear this. I’m told summer is nearly here (who can tell with sunshine, rainbows and hailstones all in the one day), and I think this blouse is perfectly suited to some summer looks…

Look 1: Playsuit Playfulness


Black Pinafore Playsuit | New Look | £14.99
Andy Warhol Floral Chucks | Converse | £50
Polka Dot Lacy Frilly Socks | Accessorize | £3.50£1.75
Black Baker Boy Hat | New Look | £9.99
Alice In Wonderland Bag | Primark | £9
Obviously the blouse is begging to be worn under a pinafore of some description, and I think this playsuit adds just the right element of fun. Some light-hearted accessories, and a great hat and you’re ready for some summer playfulness. See that Alice in Wonderland bag? I’ve already bought the backpack version and this smaller one goes perfectly with this look.

Look 2: Red-y For Summer

Cropped Jersey Trousers | Bon Prix | £14.99
Lola Ramona Shoes | Office | £110£60
Hobbs Katie Belt | House of Fraser | £29
Jeepers Peepers Cat Eye Sunglasses | ASOS | £18
Strong Lipstick | Lush | £14.50
Star & Paisley Bandana | ASOS | £5

I’ve got a habit of picking up a tiny detail and really playing it up. So, when I spotted that the kittens on the blouse are wearing wee red bows, I took that colour and ran with it for this look. Again, with one eye to the coming summer and just a smidge of good lipstick we’re ready to go with this one.

Look 3: Kitten That Got The Cream


Rare London Cream Spot Skirt | Zalando | £45
Strappy Metalic Sandals | Forever 21 | £20
Pearl Acrylic Laser Cut Cat Brooch | ShopMissElla via Etsy | £7.78
Cut Out Clutch | Little Mistress | £25
Cat Watch | Junk Jewels va notonthehighstreet | £18

You may not believe me, but I didn’t go for this colour just to get away with that pun-y awful title. This floaty cream skirt was just crying out to be paired up with the Lindybop blouse, and I couldn’t resist throwing in a couple of cat-themed accessories (I have form when it comes to animal themed outfits). Despite this, I still think this is quite understated and a cute/dreamy look for this summer.

So there you have it. I’m still trying to decide which of the three looks I like best, so please tell me your fave in the comments below!


Maggie Bob Loves: My Eyebrow Piercing

As you’ll have noticed if you follow my vain wee face on social media (clicky-click in the sidebar if you don’t, because you definitely should), I got my eyebrow pierced. It was a completely spur of the moment thing… after about 16 years of dithering that is.

See, when I was 14 my Mum, in a renaissance of youthful rebellion got her first tattoo and a belly-button piercing. She offered to take me to get a new piercing (I’d had my ears done at 10) and I wasn’t going to turn that down! I decided I was too chubby for a belly-button piercing which is laughable when I look back at pictures of my teenage self now. It was around then I developed a fascination with eyebrow piercings and eyebrows in general. If someone’s brow game was strong I would probably compliment them on it, which was sometimes a bit weird coming out of nowhere. I really wanted an eyebrow piercing but knew that would result in an immediate order from my school to remove the offending metal.

Spur of the moment eyebrow piercing… after about 15 years of wanting it! #piercing #eyebrowpiercing #selfie

A photo posted by Maggie Woodward (@maggiebob84) on

So I decided to get my nose done as my treat from Mum, as I could get away with a teeny tiny very subtle stud in there, and remove it easily enough for PE lessons. I decided that I would then get my eyebrow pierced when I left school. Thing is, as someone with recurring sinus infections, a nasal piercing was a terrible decision. I think I lasted the summer holidays before giving up on the constant gunk and clogging before I removed the stud for good. This, combined with a variety of allergies to jewellery (I couldn’t even wear watches or simple gold studs in my ears at some points) put my off getting the much longed for eyebrow piercing, and the idea faded from my mind. Except it didn’t really.

A photo posted by Maggie Woodward (@maggiebob84) on

Every so often I’d think about getting my eyebrow pierced, but the moment wasn’t right, for any number of reasons: I’d just started a new job and didn’t want to rock the boat; I was swimming regularly and the chlorine on a new piercing seemed a bad idea; I’d recently had a bad reaction to some earrings and was off the idea of jewellery; what if it made me look too ‘tough’, and so on. Then last month the stars aligned – it was pay day weekend and I wanted to treat myself, my allergies are under control, I was in good health and I was in town. I must have spent a good hour walking around town and furiously Yelping trying to find a reputable piercer, which was harder than I thought it would be. There are plenty of good tattoo studios, but most of them don’t have a piercer in residence. Luckily I was pointed towards Studio XIII on Jeffrey Street.

Even while I was sitting filling out the consent forms and picking out my bar size, I couldn’t quite believe I was going through with this. But it was something I wanted to do, just for me. With a spoonie husband and a whole bunch of other commitments I feel like I spend a lot of my time doing what I need to or should do, but this was something just for me, nothing to do with anyone else (well, except the woman sticking a needle through my face I guess). One deep breath and a few seconds of pressure lately, and I finally had the piercing I had wanted since I was 14. I couldn’t be happier. I’m healing up nicely and the swelling went down super quick. I can’t wait until I can swap the starter bar out for something more dainty, but I’m so taken with how it looks. I can’t stop examining it in mirrors and taking selfies to look at it. And talking to people about it – sorry folks!

So – do any of you have piercing or tattoos that are extra special to you? Or something like that which you’ve done just for you? Please do share your stories in the comments.


Maggie Bob Wants: Denim Skirts

You can’t beat a good denim skirt! It’s something that is currently lacking in my wardrobe. I used to have an amazing denim pencil skirt that made my heart sing (and my bum look great) but after I lost some weight it just wasn’t the same on me. I’ve added a couple to my wardrobe since then, but none have quite hit the spot. And now spring is sprung and I’m dreaming of my perfect skirt again, paired with my Vans and sunnies! So I’ve been internet window shopping, and here’s what I’ve turned up.


Poppy Scalloped Denim Skirt | | £12

This picture doesn’t show it well, but the scalloping around the buttons on this is just *heart eye emoji*. The skirt only seems to come in this dark indigo, but I could work that, and I bet it would fade beautifully.


Wrap Front Denim Skirt | New Look | £17.99

That asymmetry though! This needs to get off my screen and on to my body.


Icon Skirt | Levis | £50

It’s impossible to think of denim without thinking of Levi’s, and there’s a reason this skirt is a classic. I’d want to team this with a leather jacket slung over my shoulder, and hang around like I’m Debbie Harry in 70’s New York.


MOTO Laser High-Waisted Skirt | TopShop | £29

I can’t remember the last time I bought something from TopShop but this skirt could break that duck. It’s a good classic shape, but I love that dip-dyed look to the bottom (is dip-dye still in?)


H! by Henry Holland Pencil Skirt | Debenhams | £32

If I could ever pull of a longer skirt, it would be this one. Pencil is my favourite shape, and this one is almost smart enough for work (maybe on dress down Friday?)

So tell me – are any of you fans of the denim skirt?


Maggie Bob Wants: Bedroom Makeover 2016

I’ve been watching The Great Interior Design Challenge. It’s like Bake Off meets Changing Rooms and appeals directly to the part of me that reads House Beautiful in the bath in my generic rented flat. If you’ve never seen it we’re a few episodes in to the current series but you’ve definitely got time to catch up on iPlayer.

Because we’ve always lived in rented accommodation, we’ve never really been able to decorate for ourselves. However, we’ve always opted for unfurnished and we’ve slowly been able to put our stamp on our current Edinburgh flat – rearranging the living room last year has really made the room work much better and given us space to put up photos and personal knick-knacks so it feels more cosy and, well just us.

Next on my hit-list to personalise is our bedroom. We’ve moved most of the furniture out and turned our box room in to a walk-in wardrobe. That means all that is left in the bedroom is our (slightly broken) ottoman bed, two mismatched units serving as bedside tables and my old rocking chair. Plus the pink curtains/beige carpet supplied by the landlord. It’s nice having a minimalist space for sleeping, but I feel like I want to make it a bit pretty. So I’ve done what I always do – went virtual window shopping.

The husband would like a red and black theme, but my fantasy planning has lead me to a charcoal grey & dusty pink combo that I love, so that’s what I’m going for (I’m sure the husband can be convinced). Now I have a flood of ideas, I just need a free weekend to put them all in to action. Here’s my top 3 wants in each category for my new look bedroom.



Charcoal Kiss Me Goodnight Thermal Curtains | Dunelm | £49.99
Soft Velour Curtains | Next | £65
Rita Silver Luxury Striped Curtains | Julian Charles | £21 (sale)


V&A Viennese Rose Duvet Cover | House of Fraser | £70 (King duvet cover only)
Light Pink Duvet Set | H&M | £29.99
Vintage Paris Lables Bedding Set | Debenhams | £37

Bedside Tables


Marcos Side Table | Made | £49
Anastasia Bedside Table | Flora Furniture | £124.95
French Dawn Shabby Chic Bedside Table | ScoutAbout Interiors | £165



Flower Burst Wall Art | Etsy | £53.91
Faux Fur Heart Cushion | Primark | £3
Rose LED Fairy Lights | Etsy | £23
Folding Ottoman | World Stores | £32.99
Alice Starry Sky Ceiling Shade | John Lewis | £45
Soft Fluffy Throw | Primark | £15

More of my bedroom makeover inspiration can be found on my Pinterest board. Let me know what you think, or what colours you like for a bedroom.


Maggie Bob Wears: Lily Printed Dress Three Ways


Lily Curve Hem Dress | boohoo | £15

It’s about time I did another one item three ways post, and Katie suggested this dress from boohoo for me to work with. As it’s from their Plus collection, I decided to make the looks as plus-size friendly as I could too. Here we go

Look 1: Rust & Mustard


Embroidered Pocket Jeggings | Just Elegance | £8
Red Croc Print Structured Bag | Primark | £9
70s Suede Platform Ankle Boots | ASOS | £60
Yellow Layered Bracelet | Zaful | £2.75

I love this colour combo, don’t you? Trust me if you’re doubting – you can pull off those jeggings. I still dislike the word, but I have come to view jeggings as an essential part of my wardrobe. More comfortable that most jeans and ideal for layering. Also, I just had to play up the 70s feel of the dress with those gorgeous ASOS platforms.

Look 2: All-out Accessories


Eyelash Jumper | New Look | £19.99
Blush Cut-out Wedges | Primark | £14
Burgandy Knee High Socks | Primark | £2
Knitted Beanie | Accessorize | £8
She’s A Monet Necklace | Sour Cherry | £8
Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bad Blood | Urban Decay | £15.50

Yup, this one is all about the accessories. I know the print on this dress is loud enough to speak for itself, but I don’t think that’s any excuse to shy away from my favourite pastime – over-accessorising. And that necklace must be mine!

Look 3: Smart but sweet


Orange Pussybow Blouse | Dorothy Perkins | £19.20
Tan Leather Loafers | New Look | £27.99
Joules Laverton Across Body Leather Bag | John Lewis | £99.95
Flower Alice Band | Primark | £3
Stitch In Time Notebook | Paperchase | £5

I thought I’d try to style the dress up for the office. At least, this is how I would dress for the office. I hear loafers are all the rage again this autumn, and they match so well with this bag. If I turned up in this outfit, with my trusted (and adorable!) notebook, you’d know I meant business, right?

Do tell me which look you like best, or how you’d dress up this dress.


Maggie Bob Wants: Jumpers for Autumn 2015

Yes! It is officially autumn – my favourite season. A good excuse for mug of something warming (hot chocolate? tea? pumpkin spice latte?) while snuggled under a sofa blanket, watching all the good telly that suddenly makes an appearance. Or how about walks in the crisp, fresh (and hopefully not too soggy) air – yes please!

And my favourite thing is my autumn wardrobe. My standard ‘uniform’ becomes a dress, thick (and usually colourful) tights and a cosy jumper. If you looked in my wardrobe right now I’m sure you’d reach the conclusion that I have enough jumpers to get me through to Christmas, but that doesn’t stop me wanting this lot:

Animal Cute


Louche Bluebird Jumper | Joy | £45
Polar Bear Sweater | Next | £28
Embroidered Penguin Jumper | Primark | £14
Marsha Intarsia Sausagedog Jumper | Joules | £69.95

Spots & Stripes


Shimmery Polka Dot Sweater | La Redoute | £19
Black Stripe Slub Jumper | New Look | £22.99
Double Stripe Jumper | Oasis | £35
Wilderness Spot Jumper | White Stuff | £59.95

Weird & Wonderful


Awesome Leopard Print Sweater | everything5pounds | £5
Pink Eyelash Knit Jumper | F&F at Tesco | £14
Noline Shadow Floral Jumper | Ted Baker (via John Lewis) | £99
Jumper With High Neck In Geo Pattern | ASOS | £35

What jumper are you going to be snuggling down in this autumn?