Maggie Bob Wants: Bullet Journal Essentials

It finally happened! I have fallen head, heart and soul for journaling. I bet there’s not a single one among you that is surprised. Journaling is just such a ‘Maggie Bob’ thing. Not only does it combine my two great loves of stationery and being organised, I genuinely feel like I’ve been more productive since I first stuck some washi tape and a to-do list in my notebook and called it a journal.


The concept of a bullet journal is simple – you define the purpose of each page as you get to it, keeping an index at the front to keep track of where everything is. So you can start your month with a monthly log, take a page for each day or week as you need for your to-do lists and reminders, break away mid-month to plan out your blogging goals, fitness & health goals, or just to doodle and write your magnum opus shit poetry. It’s more flexible than a calendar based journal, so it definitely suits my organised chaos aesthetic.

Not that I ever need an excuse to go stationery shopping, virtually or in real life, but of course taking up journaling has been a perfectly valid reason to expand my stash. Here’s what I’m currently lusting after and would recommend for someone getting started in bullet journaling.


Leuchtturm 1917 in Emerald | Rymans | £13.95

There’s a reason the Leuchtturm notebooks are a favourite with journalers, the layout with built in index and the leak-proof pages make these the perfect fit. I’ve picked up this one ready to use as my next day-book journal and I couldn’t be more excited to crack it open, to be honest!


Colourful Books Washi Tape | Lovely Tape | £2.90

Is a journal really a journal if it’s not decorated with stickers and washi tape? Well, probably, but it’s not any kind of journal I want to have a part in. I’m thinking of popping a section in my journal to log all the books I’ve read and this tape would be just perfect for embellishing that section, don’t you think?


Journaling Rubber Stamp Sheet | TraciBunkers on etsy | £21.14

I very quickly knew I didn’t want to use my unappealing handwriting to make up the days and months throughout my journal, and turned to the variety of rubber stamps I have. This set from TraciBunkers seems to have all bases covered, plus some extras.


Pilot V-Pen | Cult Pens | £3.64

I never thought I would be writing in fountain pen again, but I’m loving using Pilot’s V-Pen. This classic pen is available loaded with one of 8 colour choices of ink – which explains why people have recently been getting notes from me in purple or pink rather than my classic black biro.


Beauty & The Beast Planner Stickers | PlannableDesigns via esty | £2

There’s a whole industry sprung up around making stickers for journals, so whatever you are in to there will be stickers for that. I happen to love Beauty & The Beast (a brunette princess with her nose in a book? That’s totes me) and these stickers are the cutest. They are designed specifically to fit standard journals like Filofax, Erin Condren etc, but I’ll make them fit mine because I just have to have them.

So there you have it. I’ve got another blog post done that I can tick off in my journal (done!), and hopefully I’ve inspired you to either start journaling, or at least go and buy some more pretty stationery. Because we could all use that.


Maggie Bob Makes: Book Page Art

I’ve seen loads of gorgeous art prints made out of book pages, and I’d been meaning to have a go at making one myself. Advanced to everyone who sees cutting pages out of a book as akin to removing your limbs! Then as my brilliant sister’s birthday approached, I decided I would make one for her with one of her favourite quotes, which just happens to be from Alice In Wonderland.


I managed to pick up a cheap but nice copy of the book, then had a dig around in my stamps and ink. Annoyingly I only have two font sets – this ‘bubble’ font I’ve used here and a tiny typewriter font style one, which obviously wouldn’t have worked over the text on the page itself. This is a legitimate excuse to go stamp shopping, right? (Right? Validate me!).


I wanted to make the art using the same page with the quote I was using, but I smartly decided to do a test run on a different page first. The quote was longer than I thought – especially given the size of my letter stamps – and I ended up shortening it slightly (without losing the meaning) for the final product. I also had this perfect stamp from Gorjuss Girls to be my Alice. I added some subtle colouring and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. And I think my sister liked it too!


The full quote quote is “I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir. For I’m not myself, you see”. I’m looking forward to doing something similar with some different quotes. Do you have a favourite quote from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, or another book?


Maggie Bob Makes: Timeless Textures Cards

This is one in a series of blog posts celebrating National Stationery Week. You can read all of my NSW16 posts. There’s also a fabulous giveaway of some stationary goodies running through the whole week – you’ll find the rafflecopter at the bottom of each post.


Yes – handmade day! A day made for Maggie if ever there was one. As soon as National Stationery Week announced their daily themes, I squeed at handmade day, and knew I wanted to get down to some serious card-making. Then Bekka from Stampin Up got in touch and offered to let me play with some of the goodies from her shop – how could I say no to that?


This was such an exciting and pretty package to receive. The whole thing was themed around the Timeless Textures stamp set. These are so intricate and detailed, but because the stamps are deep cut, the impressions are nice and crisp. These lend themselves well to layering and I had lots of fun experimenting with that, getting the creative juices flowing.


The rest of my package of awesome complimented the stamps well. I had three shades of Classic Stampin’ Up inks, which are rich colours, perfect for stamping but also good for inking and accenting card stock. The Birthday Bouquet paper pack is all double-sided, so opens up a wealth of choices. And the Clear Wink of Stella Glitter pen is my new favourite sparkly toy.


I haven’t made a card in quite a while, and as I said I had a lot of fun layering up these stamps to create effects. This is the first one I settled on for a completed card. There’s 4 different stamps layered in to that motif, and I think it’s very eye-catching. Sorry the picture of this one is so dark – I took it the evening I finished the card as a quicky for my Instagram and then promptly knocked it over in to the open (pink) ink pad – disaster! So I couldn’t get any better lit pictures.


After that card was ruined, I decided to recreate the layered motif but as a pop-out feature. I also wanted to try stamping directly on to some of the patterned paper, and I love the effect here, don’t you?


What’s great about this stamp set is you can create loads of textures and layers without actually having to have multiple layers of heavy paper or cardstock. So for this one I created my own patterned paper using one just one piece of coloured card and two different shades of pink ink. A wee ribbon to separate things, a sentiment, and I made and inked a flower as a nice feature – you may be able to see in the photo that I really went to town on the flower with the glitter brush. Isn’t it divine? *swoon*


This forth card goes back to the idea of the layering, but really builds it all together. I originally designed this square card to open at the side, but decided once it was assembled that I liked the way it looked in tent fold instead. I’m particularly proud of this one, and I hope you all like it too. Any of these cards would be ideal for sending a thank-you note as per Thursday’s post, or for starting a handwritten letter, which we’ll be discussing tomorrow.

Now, I also asked Bekka if she would like to make a card or two using the same stash as me, and I must say, she rose to this challenge much better than I did.

Timeless Textures 34

How gorgeous are all of those cards? And the wee storage boxes to go with them! Bekka has written more about this make on her blog which you should definitely go and check out – Bekka has also kindly offered a treat for all of my readers today. If you buy anything from her shop between now and the end of May and quote Hostess Code MMHKTUHR when checking out (and check the button allowing her to contact you with progress details on your order) Bekka will send you the instructions on how to make those boxes and some free goodies.

Today is your last chance to enter my special giveaway for National Stationery Week, as I’ll be announcing the winner in tomorrow’s post. I took a trip to some of my favourite stationery shops, and had a root around in my own stash too to come up with a list of goodies just for one lucky winner. The prize, pictured above, includes: a metallic pocket notebook, an owl writing set, a Julie Dodsworth little book of Birthdays & Anniversaries, 2 rolls of nature themed washi tape, a selection of flocked patterned paper, a pack of owl stickers, and a custom mini stamp set. Phew! Plus, if this competition gets over 100 entries I’ll add some more goodies, including a nice pen.

To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter below, and be sure to come back every day this week for more chances to win.

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Today in the comments – what’s your favourite crafting technique? Or is there one you’d like to learn?


Maggie Bob Loves: Colouring Books & Pencils

This is one in a series of blog posts celebrating National Stationery Week. You can read all of my NSW16 posts. There’s also a fabulous giveaway of some stationary goodies running through the whole week – you’ll find the rafflecopter at the bottom of each post.


When I was a kid, some things were a certainty in our stockings every Christmas – a chocolate Santa, a satsuma, one of those tiny coke cans, and a colouring book. My Mum was a very clever woman and knew that a crafty activity could keep us occupied, and more importantly quiet, for hours. Mum was obviously a keen colourist herself as she would often doodle shapes, divide them in to segments and pass a quiet evening colouring them in all sorts of intricate patterns.

Even as an adult I would occasionally buy myself or one of my siblings a colouring book in a fit of nostalgia. So I can’t say I’ve been surprised by the surge in adult colouring over the last year or two – in fact I have welcomed it with open arms and indulged in more colouring books than is sensible. I don’t know if I buy in to the whole ‘art therapy’ thing, but it’s definitely a good way to unwind, and if you’re able to get in to it the distraction can be almost meditative for sure.

Of course, having bought all these colouring books, I need something to colour in with. I like felt pens and markers but they’re too bold for colouring, and I’m too imprecise for crayons.You have to admit, there’s no better tool than the humble colouring pencil for this job. Did you here this latest craze for colouring has caused a shortage of colouring pencils? I guess I’d better buy these beauties soon then!


Derwent 36 Colour Set | Cass Art | £39.95

I know – I’m wincing at the price, and I’ll probably continue to make do with a packet of 12 colours from Poundland for now, but these really are gorgeous. Derwent are known for a quality pencil, and these boast a waxy texture for smooth application and a nice true colour *swoon*.


Now, as promised, I am running a special giveaway for National Stationery Week! I took a trip to some of my favourite stationery shops, and had a root around in my own stash too to come up with a list of goodies just for one lucky winner. The prize, pictured above, includes: a metallic pocket notebook, an owl writing set, a Julie Dodsworth little book of Birthdays & Anniversaries, 2 rolls of nature themed washi tape, a selection of flocked patterned paper, a pack of owl stickers, and a custom mini stamp set. Phew! Plus, if this competition gets over 100 entries I’ll add some more goodies, including a nice pen.

To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter below, and be sure to come back every day this week for more chances to win.

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Today in the comments – do you like colouring books? And what’s your favourite colour pencil?


Maggie Bob Makes: Rocky Horror Cross-Stitch

This is a wee project combining two of my great loves – cross-stitch and Rocky Horror. I started this as something to keep me busy at the last Yelp Edinburgh craft night, and I’ve recently finished it so wanted to show it off.


This was a really fun and simple design to make. I think I’ll mount it on to some (red?) felt with a blanket stitch and then work out what to do with it. It could be a large bookmark, or framed, or mounted on a cushion/shopping bag. Lots of possibilities for little cross-stitch projects.


In fact, I enjoyed this one so much I’ve drawn it up as my first ever pattern, and I’m offering it for free to all of you. It’s just a simple pdf, and I’m not constrictive about the colours you use. This doesn’t take too much thread or aida, so it’s ideal to make with scraps you have leftover from bigger projects. Just click the link below to access the pattern.

— Rocky Horror Lips Cross Stitch Pattern —

I used StitchPoint’s Cross-Stitch Writing Tool to help me set up the font. It’s a great tool and I use it often. As always, let me know if you give this a go, or just share your latest WIP in the comments below.


Maggie Bob Loves: Crafting Goes Social

Crafting can be a very solitary activity but, depending on your craft, it can be enjoyable to sit and make in company. Everyone loves a good stitch & bitch, right? I’ve recently been to a couple of Craft & Cocktail unofficial events with some friends from Yelp Edinburgh (that is, we pick a pub, we pick a date, and we all turn up with our latest WIP) and it’s been great fun to chat and relax while crafting, plus it’s fun to show off what I’m working on, and see what my friends are making (in case there’s any ideas I can steal!)

Of course there’s loads of great crafting inspiration to be had online. Here’s a few of my favourite Instagram accounts for when I need crafts-spiration:


This account popped up on my recommendations on Instagram, and it was a no brainer for me to follow. Contemporary cross-stitch and embroidery (expect rude words!) I like Mr X Stitch’s style. Plus, check out his current Stitch for Syria campaign if you like a bit of craftivism!

Geeky Stitching Co

Geeky Stitching Co sell some of the cutest cross-stitch kits I have ever seen! A great way to get started with small cross-stitch projects that are fun and cute.

Natasha de Vil

I’ve followed Natasha on twitter and then Instagram for years now, and I just love her crafts. Plus I’m hugely envious of her fabric stash right now!

Little Miss Delicious

I love Little Miss Delicious’ gorgeously cute jewellery. I have three necklaces from this store and I still want more!

Femme Broidery

I’ll have a whole bunch of these on hand at this weekend’s #marketcollective Pop by and say hi👋🏼

A photo posted by Maria Arseniuk (@femme.broidery) on

This is one that I found while browsing the #craftivism hashtag (well worth doing), and this ‘Bye Felicia’ hoop just caught my eye

Soofiya Andry

Okay, so I can’t embed any of Soofiya’s pictures here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out her stuff. Graphic prints and feminist anarchist work to die for! Plus she is totally fab, okay?


Yes, that’s my stream. Sometimes, if I’m stuck for inspiration, all I actually need to do is look back over my own stuff to remind me of what I can do!

If you have favourite crafters on Instagram that I should be following, please let me know in the comments below.


#WOYWW: Cross-Stitch & Chromebook

I’m joining in the What’s On Your Workspace Wednesday #woyww hashtag today. It’s a fun way to show off what I’ve been working on and working with lately.

Cross-stitch is a very me craft. I’ve always enjoyed sewing by hand more than on a machine, and I’ve found it makes me happy having a big bag of coloured threads by my side as I work – like a multi-coloured security blanket. Although you can definitely get better, neater, with practice, the only skill you really need to get started is the ability to thread a needle and keen enough eyesight to count your stitches against the pattern.


I’m an ad-hoc crafter – picking up projects when I’m bored and putting them down when something else comes along. Therefore I’m not really suited to big cross-stitch projects. However, I’ve found a style of cross-stitch that fits my style perfectly. Small works, usually geeky in nature, cute wee characters ad funny or witty words.

Bonus points if you get the reference in that top piece of stitching there! There’s a new piece of work in progress at the back there, but I’m hiding it as it’s going to be a gift for someone and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!


Oh btw – my ‘workspace’ is currently a footstool cube in the living-room. I stash all my sewing in it during the day to make things tidy and then haul everything out at night. Works for me just now, and means I can watch exciting things like Pitch Perfect 2 while I work (new DVD – yay!)

The rest of my workspace has my new toy – I finally got myself a Chromebook. After lots of research, and umm-ing and ahh-ing in the store, I decided it was exactly what I needed to reinvigorate my blogging. I think it’s been working so far, I seem to have gotten in to a decent blogging schedule which I hope to keep-up, provide I do things work blogging about of course!


Maggie Bob Makes: Craft Room Canvas Art

I’m finally settling in to my new craft room, and I decided it would be nice to create a bit of art for my own walls. Last Sunday I had a nice quiet ‘pottering’ day so I dug out my canvas and paints to see what inspiration leapt out at me. Let me walk you through my creative process!


All ready for an afternoon of crafting! #craft #canvas #art #painting #crafty #Sunday

A photo posted by Maggie Woodward (@maggiebob84) on

Yes, I like to take snacks in to the craft room with me – need something to keep me going. I have quite a selection of emulsion samples for this sort of project – they tend to be about £1-£2 each and they go on nice and even for good background coverage. There’s a quality Maggie Bob crafting tip for you right there ;). After uhm-ing and aah-ing I settled on a colour and the notion took me to do stripes. I rarely have a forward plan, I just plough in to these things and add bits until I feel like it’s done. 


Watching paint dry #art #craft #crafty #painting

A photo posted by Maggie Woodward (@maggiebob84) on

While waiting for the paint to dry (and watching/crying my eyes out at Les Mis on Netflix), I had a rummage around in my drawers (oh-er!) to see if I could settle on an embellishment. It was then I came across my merino wool tops, bought in a fit of pique at a craft fair a few years ago, made one thing with them and then packed away. There was a lovely burgundy wool the same colour as we painted the walls in the craft room, so it felt like a good direction to go in. I started needling away at the wool and realised I was veering towards making a heart shape, so why not?


Needle felted heart WIP #craft #crafty #canvas #art #wip #needlefelt

A photo posted by Maggie Woodward (@maggiebob84) on

By the time I’d tweaked the heart to my liking, and only stabbed myself with the felting needle twice, my paint had dried and I could peel the tape off. Everything seemed to be coming together, I just needed the right words to sum it all up…


Now deciding what to stamp on the canvas. Words escape me… #art #crafting #canvas #stamping #sentiment

A photo posted by Maggie Woodward (@maggiebob84) on

Then inspiration struck again! There’s a quote from Rent that I keep coming back to: “the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation”, and it felt very apt for a craft room. I love my letter stamps, but they only set I’ve got and I’ve had them for ages – any recommendations for more sets with nice varied fonts? Using these and some ‘Aged Mahogany’ distress ink away I went, building up the words three or four letters at a time. The good thing about using cling stamps is it’s easy to see if you need to stamp over for more coverage, which I did a couple of times.


Finished! And it goes perfectly with the craft room decor already 😊 #craft #art #canvas #multimedia

A photo posted by Maggie Woodward (@maggiebob84) on

I stuck a button on the heart because why not, glued the heart on to the canvas at a jaunty angle, and then I felt it really was done so I stood back to admire my work. I’m really pleased with how this turned out, it fits in so well in my craft room – and it’s inspired me to make some more canvases which I’m really excited about!

What’s your creative process folks? What gets your artistic juices flowing? Do tell me in the comments below.


Maggie Bob Makes: Christmas Gift Jam Jar

One of the things I looked forward to when we moved to this new flat was that there’s a box room I can commandeer as my BRAND NEW CRAFT ROOM. I’ve nearly finished setting this up to my satisfaction (well, as much as it ever could be finished – I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking it forever) and I’ll do a blog to show that all off, but even in its half done state I’ve been able to use it for some Christmas crafting projects.

There’s plenty of ways to upcycle a jam jar – you only have to spend a few moments browsing Pinterest to see that. I wanted to do something a bit festive with mine and use it for a beautiful gift. I’m really in to pastel blue as a Christmas ‘theme’ and just happened to have some shimmery flocking powder around in just that colour.

IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1622 IMG_1623

I knew I wanted stripes of the flocking and double sided tape is just perfect for these nice neat lines. I even cracked out the hot glue gun to attach some die-cuts as embellishment. I was watching Kirsty Allsop’s Christmas show and she said something about always feeling happy when she’s got a glue gun in her hand – I’m with you there Kirsty!

So what am I going to put in my jar? I’ve used them for homemade cake mixes before, or paper fortune cookies. I’m thinking about making some home made chutneys and jams which would be gorgeous in these, or I could do a ‘snowman soup’ – hot chocolate mix, including mini-marshmallows. This time I decided to fill with some goodies; scented tea lights, hot chocolate sachets and candy canes.


Wouldn’t you just love to find that under your tree? Or have you got some suggestions about what to put in a festively decorated jar?


Maggie Bob Makes: Paper Rubbings

This is one in a series of blog posts celebrating National Stationery Week. You can read all of my NSW14 posts, and don’t forget to check out the Prize Giveaway!

Today’s theme is pencils!

Sketching pencils

A quick dig in my stationery boxes found this lovely, but alas forgotten, set of sketching pencils (B, 2B, 3B, 4B & 5B). I racked my brains to think what I could do with these for you. I thought about decorating them with washi tape. Or perhaps crafting some pencil toppers. But then I thought it would be fun to do something that focussed on the function of the pencil itself, and I remembered a pass time most of us probably haven’t indulged in since school – pencil rubbing!

photo 2

As I had pencils in a variety of softnesses (you all remember the HB pencil scale, right?) I had a play around with a variety of  rubbings. I started with the old favourite – coins. I’m only a little bit gutted that I didn’t have a full set of coins to make that shield you get when you put them all together.

I also have a paperweight with ‘DREAM’ debossed on it, so I thought that would make for a nice rubbing, and experimented with some of the softer pencils here. I found the 3B gave the nicest results, so I stuck with that and used some letter stickers to create my own embossed message to take a rubbing from.

photo 5

photo 3

photo 4

That was quite fun, and now I’m thinking about all the different stickers and textured objects I have lying around that would work well for this. I could use it to decorate some notecards or letters, or just to play around and see what arty creations I can come up with! When was the last time you did paper rubbing? Let me know if you decide to try it again!