Tuesday Quickie: Perfect Roast Chicken

Welcome to a new series for the blog – the Tuesday Quickie. A quick tip from my repertoire, every Tuesday – simple as that!

Today’s tip is how to prepare a perfect roast chicken. Ever had cooked chicken from the deli counter of a supermarket? Know how it’s brown and crisp and delicious? Well, it is easy to achieve at home…


  • Pop your chicken on a rack over a roasting pan
  • Slice a lemon in half and stick both halves in to the chicken’s cavity
  • Mix 2tbsp of butter, 1tbsp brown sugar, 1tsp garlic powder and a good shake of dried rosemary, then rub this all over your chicken
  • Cook your chicken, uncovered, at your usual time and temperature (I do 90-110mins in a 190oC oven)
  • As easy as that, and you’ll have roast chicken to impress.

    If you’ve roasted too big a bird for your household and you’re wondering what to do with the leftovers, check out my rubber chicken recipes.